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Beer Digest III: New Belgium Lips of Faith Heavenly Feijoa, 21st Amendment Hop Crisis, North Coast Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout

Hey everyone, hope you had a great weekend!  I tried some great beers the last few days.  Without further adieu, here are the one's that were really memorable.
Heavenly Feijoa New Belgium / Dieu du Ciel! Belgian tripel with feijoa and hibiscus 9% ABV
I was excited to try out the Heavenly Feijoa.  This was my first time trying one of New Belgium's Lips of Faith beers (since they don't distribute to NJ yet), and also my first time trying a beer from Dieu du Ciel!, a brewery out of Montreal.  I also didn't know what a feijoa was.  Consulting Google and Wikipedia, I learned feijoa is also known as pineapple guava and guavasteen.  The beer itself was very fruity (in aroma and flavor), but not overly sweet.  The fruit flavors blended quite well with the malt and hops.  I didn't taste much of the classic Belgian yeast character in this beer.  Overall, quite unique and quite good.
Hop Crisis 21st Amendment Brewery Imperial IPA 9.7% ABV
I had heard good things about 21st Ame…

Beer Variety from New Jersey

Just what New Jersey beers are people drinking these days?  What are the post popular styles that are coming out of the Garden State?  In a previous post, I outlined what 6 bottled Jersey beers I would give to someone to represent New Jersey (kudos to Bryan from This Is Why I'm Drunk for the blog collaboration idea).  In this post, I'm going to look at NJ beers a little differently.

To get a good sense of the NJ beers people are drinking, I could call up each bar and liquor store around and see what their top selling brands are, call the breweries to see which is top grossing, or see what beers are top rated on any of those beer rating websites.  A quicker and easier way to achieve this, I believe, is to simply look up Untappd check-ins!  The beer rating websites may give you each brewers top-rated beer, but won't give you top selling.  Untappd may be a very small sample size compared to the real sales numbers, but I feel it suits this purpose quite well.
First, let's…

Beer Digest II: Sly Fox Grisette, Flying Fish FU Sandy, Weyerbacher Eighteen

Happy Friday!  Hope you're all having a great summer, full of lots of great craft beer!  It has been a busy summer of beer here in NJ, with lots of great news and events.  I attended a summer cask fest at Uno Chicago Grill in Metuchen, where lots of great cask beer was had by all.  Some of the participating breweries were Bolero Snort, Kane Brewing, Carton Brewing, Climax Brewing and of course the brewery at Uno Chicago Grill.
Some other news, a few weeks ago I joined the great team over at New Jersey Craft Beer as a regional representative.  New Jersey Craft Beer aims to provide craft beer fans in New Jersey with a resource for finding current beer happenings.  They also have a membership club, where members can save money at 310+ participating businesses in and around New Jersey.  I will periodically mention and talk about New Jersey Craft Beer here, such as recaps of events the group participates in.  
Here are some beers I've enjoyed the last week or so!
Grisette Sly Fox Br…