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Flying Fish Celebrates 350 Years of New Jersey

This year, a 127 mile stretch of Atlantic Ocean shoreline, flanked to the west by pinelands and to the north by skylands, is celebrating 350 years of being known as New Jersey.  To celebrate, Flying Fish has brewed up a special beer, appropriated named NJ350.  A little research led me to the website for NJ350, which actually turned out to be an organization that is spreading the word and setting up events for Jersey's 350th. There is lots of great info there on NJ's history, so check it out!

Some facts on Flying Fish's NJ350 beer, from their website:

Ingredients:  English pale malt, flaked barley, blackstrap molassesHops:  Cluster, Simcoe, CentennialPackaging:  750 mL bottles, 1/2 kegs and 1/6 kegs7.5% abv
On the side of the bottle, Flying Fish declares NJ350 to be an English stock ale.  From what I know, a stock ale is similar to an old ale or an English barleywine.  According to the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) guidelines, a stock ale refers to beers that were …

Cape May Brewing Company

Cape May Brewing Company 1288 Hornet Road Rio Grande, NJ 08242

Where Have I Been?

Wow, its been awhile since I've posted anything here.  Some ideas have been bouncing around in my noggin, so hopefully Mould's Beer Blog won't join the sea of dead and forgotten beer blogs.  A drastic redesign may occur!

So what have I been up to?  My main goal in the last month or so has been to drink down the oversupply of beer I have at home.  Once I clear that out, I'm going to start some more homebrewing.  I've got several kits (smoked porter, warrior double IPA, bourbon dubbel) from the Brooklyn Brew Shop waiting to be brewed!

Thoughts on some hot button issues in beer recently:

American Craft Beer Week:  These days you can blindly flip through the pages of a calendar, point to a week, and it will be the craft beer week of a city in the United States.  From May 12-18, the Brewers Association (the trade group for American brewers) wants everyone to celebrate American Craft Beer Week.  They even have a website with ideas on how you can celebrate.

My thoughts?  A…