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Bolero Snort Brewery: Cracked Pepperhorn

Two weeks ago, I posted about how I stumbled across Bolero Snort's Barrel Aged Javahorn.  During that same trip to the bottle shop, I picked up a bottle of Cracked Pepperhorn, Bolero Snort's 2nd anniversary beer.

There is just something exciting and nostalgic about the passing of another year.  Brewers celebrate a full revolution around the sun by getting creative in the brewhouse and constructing a special beer. To commemorate their 2nd anniversary, New Jersey's Bolero Snort Brewery brewed up a brown ale.  

A brown ale?  You read me right!  For Cracked Pepperhorn, Bolero brewed an imperial brown ale with a dose of black peppercorns added for good measure.  An Imperial Peppercorn Brown Ale was born.  The aptly named Cracked Pepperhorn comes in at 8.1% ABV, and is packaged in waxed 750 mL bottles.  I had bottle 203 out of 848 total bottles.

Squid's Fist was one of Bolero Snort's first beers to win an award when they were still only homebrewers. Cracked Pepperhorn pays …

Upcoming NJ Beers - as of 03/18/15

As of late, I've been posting about upcoming NJ beer releases once a month.  However, there was recently a slew of bottle labels that were approved, so I decided to do another post now!  Here are those upcoming NJ beers you can look forward to!
Forgotten Boardwalk:  Cherry Hill, NJ's Forgotten Boardwalk Brewing has another can release on the horizon with the label approval for their Funnel Cake Ale.  5.5% ABV in 12 oz. cans.

River Horse:  Ewing, NJ's River Horse Brewing saw the approval of 2 bottled beers.  First, a 6% ABV Farmhouse Saison.  Second, Brewer's Reserve Batch 018, White, a Belgian-style Wheat Ale.

There were also the following keg label approvals/updates:
Belford Brewing - Irish Style Red ale, Horseshoe Maibock Cape May Brewing - Harvest Ale Kane Brewing - Evening Bell imperial porter Rinn Duin Brewing:  Lawnmower English Style Blonde Ale
Go out and enjoy some beers!

Weyerbacher Brewing: Sunday Morning Stout

Over the weekend, Easton, PA's Weyerbacher Brewing released their beer Sunday Morning Stout in 12 oz. bottles and kegs.  They had a release event at their Line Street brewery, hosting Milford, NJ's Fieldstone Coffee Roasters and the Mucho Bueno Food Truck.

Fieldstone roasted the coffee blend that Weyerbacher used in Sunday Morning Stout, and was selling the blend by the bag and by the cup.  Sadly, I neglected to try the coffee or pick up a bag of the coffee!

But the beer, yes, the beer.  I definitely picked up my fair share of Sunday Morning Stout.  Ringing in at 11.3% ABV, this imperial stout was aged in bourbon barrels and had the Fieldstone coffee blend added to it.

When Sunday Morning Stout came out of the barrels and was bottled, it poured a jet black monster with a large brown head.  It was brimming with the vanilla and alcohol characteristics reminiscent of bourbon.  You are getting just what the label says, a stout aged in bourbon barrels with coffee.

Now, aging a b…

Bolero Snort Brewery: Barrel Aged Javahorn

A few weeks back, the Bolero Snort guys filled up their delivery van with two new bottled beers to dispatch to their fans across NJ.  They were releasing their 2nd anniversary beer, Cracked Pepperhorn, as well as a small batch beer called Bergen County Bull Stout.  However, this post isn't about either of those beers.

When I went to the bottle shop to see if the Bolero Snort beers were on the retail floor yet, I was only able to find the Cracked Pepperhorn.  A clerk approached me to see if I needed help (I must have looked lost, walking up and down the aisle to see if I had overlooked the Bergen County Bull Stout).  So I made my query for the BCBS, and he went off to search for me.

The helpful clerk returns carrying a bottle, so of course I start to get excited about what he may have found.

"There was no Bergen County Stout, but we did have this large bottle from Bolero Snort," the clerk tells me.

As he turns the bottle around, I read the label:  Barrel Aged Javahorn!


Upcoming NJ Beers - as of 03/08/15

Here are all of the NJ label approvals since my 02/08/15 update

Angry Erik Brewing:Mary-Shroom, a winter saison ale brewed with mushrooms (porcini, oyster, shitake, portabello, black trumpet) and rosemary (5.8% ABV), saw an updated keg approval.

Cape May Brewing:  The team at Cape May Brewing saw a number of keg approvals, including Watermelon Wheat, Apple Bomb, Corrosion Ale and Cold Spring Pale Ale.

Cricket Hill Brewing:  Cricket Hill had two keg labels approved.  One was for a Blu Ale House Ale, and the other was for Gray Stone Seasonal Ale.  Sadly, I don't have any other information on these two beers at this time.

Flounder Brewing:  Flounder saw keg label approval of their Espresso Brown ale.  Not long ago they had a keg of this on tap at Fox and Hound Tavern in Lebanon, NJ.  Hopefully they will keep brewing more of it!

Glasstown Brewing:  Glasstown received keg label approval for Alvin's Chipmunk Stout (9.2% ABV).

Little Dog Brewing:  Little Dog Brewing received keg label appr…