Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Bolero Snort Brewery: Barrel Aged Javahorn

A few weeks back, the Bolero Snort guys filled up their delivery van with two new bottled beers to dispatch to their fans across NJ.  They were releasing their 2nd anniversary beer, Cracked Pepperhorn, as well as a small batch beer called Bergen County Bull Stout.  However, this post isn't about either of those beers.

When I went to the bottle shop to see if the Bolero Snort beers were on the retail floor yet, I was only able to find the Cracked Pepperhorn.  A clerk approached me to see if I needed help (I must have looked lost, walking up and down the aisle to see if I had overlooked the Bergen County Bull Stout).  So I made my query for the BCBS, and he went off to search for me.

The helpful clerk returns carrying a bottle, so of course I start to get excited about what he may have found.

"There was no Bergen County Stout, but we did have this large bottle from Bolero Snort," the clerk tells me.

As he turns the bottle around, I read the label:  Barrel Aged Javahorn!

I make a quick inquiry as to the price, just to ensure that it wasn't not too high.  Sold!

Bolero Snort released Barrel Aged Javahorn (a bourbon barrel aged version of their lager Blackhorn, with espresso and vanilla added) in Fall 2014.  I had pretty much given up hope of finding it, since I wasn't able to pick a bottle up when it was first released.

Bolero Snort Brewery, Barrel Aged Javahorn, Beer, New Jersey
Barrel Aged Javahorn: Bottle 140/225
Here is a blurb about Barrel Aged Javahorn from Bolero Snort's website:

"Based on a fan favorite treatment conceived during our launch week back in March 2013 we really kicked this one up a notch!  Our American Black Lager aged in freshly emptied bourbon barrels with espresso and a hint of vanilla this beer is sure to get you going!"

Bottle Info:

Bottle 140 / 225
6.7% ABV
70 IBU
1 Pint 9.4 Fl. Oz.

The Taste

There was a wax covering adorned to the top of the bottle.  I made good use of my new Snake Bite bottle opener.  The fangs on the bottle opener made quick work of the wax around the bottle cap, giving me quick access to pry open the beer.

At refrigerator temperature, Barrel Aged Javahorn was a little rough.  I'm not quite sure what it was, but it was just rough.  15 minutes sitting out mellowed the beer out as much as it was going to be mellow.  The aroma of vanilla dominated the nose.  Cocoa, vanilla and alcohol made up the flavor.  There was also a touch of sourness throughout.

Overall, I found it enjoyable.  It was great to sip on the bottle for a few hours.  To suit my preference, I would want to cut down on the sour flavor and somehow make it a bit less rough and grainy.  Being a bit more smooth could do wonders for this beer.

Great job on this one, Bolero.  I look forward to more of your barrel aged releases!

Bolero Snort Barrel Aged Javahorn

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