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New Jersey Beer Variety - July 31, 2014

It has been a little more than a year since I looked into the Untappd stats from New Jersey breweries.  I am using the Untappd stats to get a broad look into the top Garden State beers that are sold.  
     A quick summary of how I compile the data:  I just pick the top 2 checked-in beers from Untappd from each NJ brewery.  In the last analysis I excluded seasonal beers, but this time I am including the seasonals. Previously, I had also included the number of check-ins, but there was no useful information I could extract from one brewery have more check-ins than another brewery.
     It will be interesting to see how this list changes after the fall season.  I am predicting this fall season to be huge for seasonals (shocking, right?), and we will see them creep up the Untappd check-in lists.  
     The New Jersey Craft Beer website was also a huge help in this endeavor.  I was able to ensure I had covered all the breweries that NJ has to offer.  Definitely check them out.

The Monday Blogshare (07/28/14)

Hey folks, I'm back at it with some articles that have captured my attention.  Hope you enjoy them!

Who wouldn't want a new product you can take home from a brewery that is promised to keep your beer fresh for at least double the time of a regular growler?  In this article, The Alcohol Professor visits the crowler.  They are pretty much big cans that a brewery can fill up and seal in their taproom with ease.  Oskar Blues is quoted as saying the beer stays good and carbonated for at least a month (as long as it remains unopened, of course).  I would love to try this out.  Has anyone had any experience with the crowler?Another product that is being pushed on consumers these days is specialized glassware, specifically in this case the Spiegelau stout glass. I have yet to try it out, but it looks like Keith from Brew/Drink/Run has tested the glass out to some success.  How about you?  What do you think of the stout glass?Good old BillyBrew does a vertical with Rogue Old Crustacean.…

Times They are A-Changing

I've changed a lot since getting into "craft" beer, "better" beer, "boutique" beer or whatever you would call it. I don't care how you review your beer, or if you think its 2/5 or 5/5.  Give me a bottle or a pint and I'll try it myself.  I haven't checked Beer Advocate or Rate Beer for a beer rating or tasting notes in months, and I feel good about that.

What do I do then?  I simply enjoy what I am drinking.  Sure, some beers are better than others.  If I don't like a certain beer, I just won't buy it again.  I'm not going to tell anyone else not to buy it.  Hell, they may even like it.  Different strokes for different folks is one of the things that makes this world wonderful.

I don't really like to go out much to bars to drink (unless its a brewery).  I find myself more and more preferring to pour a bottle or a growler in the comfort of my own home, where its quiet and I can be with my family.  Don't get me wrong, ev…