Sunday, February 8, 2015

Upcoming NJ Beers - as of 02/08/15

Here are all of the beer label approvals since my last update (mid-January).  I'm not sure when these beers are being released, so check with the brewery before you go out looking for them!

902 Brewing:  902 Brewing's American Pale Ale called Pale Ale True Hobo (PATH) received keg approval.  It is clearly stated on the keg that the beer is brewed at Climax Brewing for 902 Brewing.  It is 37 IBUs (from their website, ABV between 5-6%).  902 Brewing also had keg approval for Heaven Hell or Hobo, their American IPA.  According to the label, it is 68 IBUs (from their website, 6.5% ABV).

Angry Erik Brewing:  Angry Erik's Freaky Freydis, a stout brewed with cocoa nibs, saw its keg label approved.

Bolero Snort Brewery:  Bolero Snort's late winter/early spring seasonal Lucky Buck Irish Dry Stout saw an updated label approval.  This year it will be bottled instead of canned.  Lucky Buck will be 4.0% ABV.

Cape May Brewing:  Cape May Brewing had a new bottled label approved, which you can see the label for below.  It is for Apple Bomb, and comes in at 8.0% ABV.  Cape May also saw keg label approval for Hitching Post Stout.
Cape May Brewing, New Jersey, Craft Beer, Apple Bomb
Cape May Brewing Apple Bomb - click to enlarge

Carton Brewing:  Carton saw their keg label for Orange Swisher approved.  Check out the Orange Swisher video from I Drink Good Beer.

Flying Fish Brewing:  Here's an interesting large formation bottle to be released from Flying Fish.  Pescado Rojo Grande is Flying Fish's Red Fish aged in oak barrels that once held Cuervo Traditional 100% Agave tequila. It's going to come in at 9.0% ABV.

Flying Fish Brewing Company, Pescado Rojo Grande, Craft Beer, New Jersey
Flying Fish Pescado Rojo Grande - click to enlarge

Forgotten Boardwalk Brewing:  Round Trip, a hoppy saison ale, received keg approval.  From Forgotten Boardwalk's website, Round Trip is 45 IBUs and rings in at 7.0% ABV.  Check out the infographic from their website.

Glasstown Brewing:  There were a number of keg approvals from Millville's Glasstown in the past month

  • Clash of the Pumpkins, a 7.1% ABV pumpkin ale
  • Stout with No Name, 9.5% ABV
  • It's A Wee Heavy (Ale), 8.5% ABV
  • Guns and Guts Imperial India Pale Ale, 10.5% ABV

Kane Brewing:  Kane had an updated keg label for Fall Saints.  The label states that Fall Saints is brewed with sweet potatoes, squash, maple syrup and spices (9.2% ABV, not on keg label).  Heirloom, a belgian ale, also saw an updated keg approval. 

Lunacy Brewing:  Magnolia's Lunacy Brewing's Rocket keg label was approved.  Rocket is a chocolate peanut butter beer stout, and comes in at 6.6% ABV.

River Horse Brewing:  River Horse saw an approval for their updated Summer Blonde ale bottle/can label.  4.5% ABV.

Spellbound Brewing:  Mt. Holly's Spellbound Brewing received keg approval for Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Ale (from their website, it is 7% ABV).  Their Double IPA brewed with peaches and their Stout also saw keg approval.

That's all for now....go out and enjoy some beers!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Upcoming NJ Bottled Beers - as of 01/14/15

Hey are some bottled beer labels from the great state of NJ that recently gained approval.  
First, we have another canned beer from Carton Brewing.  It looks like they plan on canning up HopPun, a pale ale, at some point in the future.

The folks at River Horse had two recent approvals.  They're for Chocolate Porter and Oatmeal Milk Stout Aged in Whiskey Barrels. Chocolate Porter will be released in February as part of their seasonal lineup.  The new label for the Oatmeal Milk Stout Aged in Whiskey Barrels differs from the recently released Oatmeal Milk Stout Aged in Bourbon Barrels, as bourbon is a type of whiskey.  For more info on comparing bourbon vs. whiskey, check out this link at The Whisky Isle.

Finally, we have the bottle label for Cape May IPA from Cape May Brewing Company.  It's always good to see more bottles coming out of Cape May. Hopefully we can see more of it up in North Jersey more.  If not, there will always be something special to look forward to down in Cape May.

Carton Brewing, HopPun, Pale Ale, Craft Beer, New Jersey
Carton Brewing HopPun
River Horse, Chocolate Porter, Ewing, NJ, Craft Beer
River Horse Chocolate Porter
River Horse, Milk Stout, Whiskey Barrel Aged, New Jersey, Craft Beer
River Horse Oatmeal Milk Stout Aged in Whiskey Barrels
Cape May Brewing, IPA, New Jersey, Craft Beer
Cape May Brewing Company Cape May IPA

Monday, November 24, 2014

Weyerbacher Brewers' Select: Cassiopeia

Cassiopeia is the latest Brewers' Select beer from Easton, PA's Weyerbacher Brewing.

Brewed to the style of an American Barleywine (think bitter hops, over the top malts and an alcohol by volume over 10%), Cassiopeia can be found in 12 oz. bottles at the Weyerbacher Visitor's Center (while supplies last) and has limited availability in kegs at bars where Weyerbacher is served.

Weyerbacher Brewing Company, Brewers' Select, Barleywine, Beer, Craft Beer, Pennsylvania Beer
Weyerbacher Brewers' Select Cassiopeia, an American Barleywine
If you haven't read the rest of my series on Weyerbacher's Brewers' Select beers, then this is where I take a quick look at the constellation that Weyerbacher has chosen for their latest Brewers' Select. Here's some info on the Northern Hemisphere constellation Cassiopeia.

Cassiopeia, the Constellation (from Constellation Guide)

  • named after a vain and boastful queen in Greek mythology
  • Ptolemy wrote about the constellation in the 2nd century
  • 3 of the stars located in Cassiopeia have known planets
  • You can find the births and deaths of stars in Cassiopeia:  it contains the aftermath of a supernova, but also homes a star forming cloud known as the Pacman nebula
Cassiopeia, the Beer (from Weyerbacher)

  • American Barleywine
  • 10.9% ABV
  • Chocolate and orange notes
  • Brewed with vanilla beans

Don't miss this one!

Weyerbacher Cassiopeia, an American Barleywine
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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Upcoming NJ Beers - as of 11/18/14

Every week or so I scan the new New Jersey label approvals from the TTB database.  I bring these to you so you can look forward to some new beers from NJ breweries!

Here's a list with some information from this new set of label approvals!  Since they are all keg labels, I added one representative label from each brewery.

Belford Brewing
  • Crab Apple (Belgian Style wheat ale brewed with apples)
Kane Brewing 
  • Across the Galaxy Pale Ale
Lunacy Brewing 
  • Sanitarium Double IPA
  • Lunacy IPA
  • Moon Howler Pale Ale
  • Dark Moon Double Chocolate Stout
  • Crescent Pils 
New Jersey Beer Co,
  • Our House Brew
Spellbound Brewing
  • Saison Belgian Style Ale
  • Imperial Stout
  • Belgian Style Triple
  • Pale Ale

Belford Brewing Crab Apple, a wheat ale brewed with apples

Lunacy Brewing Company Sanitarium Double IPA

Spellbound Brewing Saison - Belgian Style Ale

Kane Brewing Across the Galaxy

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Upcoming NJ Beers (and meads!) - as of 11/05/14

Hey everyone!  This week we finally see some labels for the new Little Dog Brewing Co., opening soon in Neptune City, NJ!  We also see two more mead labels from Melovino Meadery (Vauxhall, NJ), as well as a keg label from Belford Brewing and a keg label from Spellbound Brewing (Mt. Holly, NJ).  Cheers!

Little Dog Brewing Steinerweiss - German-Style Wheat Beer
Little Dog Brewing Gesundheit - German-Style Brown Ale

Melovino Meadery Sweet Affair His
Melovino Meadery Sweet Affair Hers
Belford Brewing Whipporwill
Spellbound Brewing Maple Barrel Aged Barleywine

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Upcoming NJ Beers (and Meads!) - as of 10/22/14

Howdy all!  It's been a few weeks since I've sent out an update on new NJ beers coming to the market.  This week, we also have meads!  Check em all out, and enjoy!

First, we have two meads from newly opened Melovino Meadery in Vauxhall, NJ.  Melo Evil is a sweet honey wine with ghost peppers added, and it comes in at 12% ABV.  Pirum Lust is a 13% ABV honey wine that is made with spiced pear juice, and is meant to be consumed during the cooler months.

From Cherry Hill, we see the label for Forgotten Boardwalk Brewing's Funnel Cake Boardwalk Ale.

Cape May Brewing Company had a ton of keg labels approved.  Here we see the keg label for Geek Out Ale.  Other kegs approved were Ashley's Ale, Andrew's Ale, Justin's Ale, Steve's Ale, Richie's Ale, Hi-Flyer Ale, Double Marker Ale, Crows Nest Ale, Cornelius Mey Ale, Crusty Barnacle Ale, Queen Street Ale, and Concrete Ship Ale.

Belford Brewing from Middletown, NJ has a new label for an Altbier named Hund.

Angry Erik Brewing from Lafayette, NJ now makes an Angry Mohawk Pale Ale, as well as H2Ale, an ale brewed with natural flavors.

Ocean, NJ's Kane Brewing looks like they plan on having some Hop Lab experiments.

Here is the neck label for River Horse Brewing's (Ewing, NJ) newest Brewer's Reserve, a baltic porter.

Last, but not least, New Jersey Beer Co. had a label approved for Little Town New Jersey Ale.  I wasn't able to get an image, but it's a typical keg label.  Looks like they will be making a house beer for Little Town, a restaurant in Hoboken.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Weyerbacher Brewers' Select: Canis Minor

Canis Minor, a Brewers' Select beer from Weyerbacher, was released on draft throughout Weyerbacher's distribution footprint around a month ago (early September).  It is also available in 12 oz. bottles in Weyerbacher's visitor center while supplies last!

Weyerbacher had previously used the NATO phonetic alphabet to name their Brewers' Select beers. After reaching the end of the alphabet, they decided to start using Northern Hemisphere constellations (in alphabetical order, of course), to represent their one-off beers.

Why not learn a little astronomy while enjoying some (hopefully) fantastic beer?  Here are some facts about the Canis Minor constellation, followed by some notes on the Canis Minor beer!

Canis Minor (constellation) (from Top Astronomer)
  • In Latin, Canis Minor can be translated to "Lesser Dog"
  • Along with Canis Major (Greater Dog), they are said to be following Orion
  • Canis Minor is home to 2 bright stars
    • Alpha Canis Minoris, also known as Procyon
      • 7th brightest star in the sky
      • a binary star system (apparently there are lots of opportunities for a Tatooine out there)
      • 11.41 light years from Earth
    • Beta Canis Minoris, also known as Gomesia
Canis Minor (the beer!)
  • Saison
  • 6.9% ABV
  • Brewed with Pils, Wheat and Carapils malts
  • Apollo, Perle and Brambling Cross hops were added
  • Fermented with Belgian and French yeast strains
  • Weyerbacher tasting notes:  grapefruit nose and a spicy, herbal, dry finish
Weyerbacher Brewing Company, Canis Minor, Brewers Select Series, Craft Beer
Weyerbacher Canis Minor, 6.9% ABV Saison
The tasting notes from Weyerbacher were pretty close to my experience with Canis Minor.  The aroma and flavor were full of citrus:  orange, grapefruit, lemon.  A bit of spice, yet not too much to be overpowering.  Perhaps a little soapy.  Overall, Canis Minor was terrific.  It is not one of your funky saisons, but its still worth a pint if you see it at the bar. I would pair it with a light salad and sushi.

Check out my posts on some other Weyerbacher Brewers' Select beers:

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