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Sky High Hops - Flemington, NJ

With the insane growth of the number of breweries in New Jersey, it's not surprising to see businesses related to the beer industry sprouting up throughout the state.  Breweries need supplies and ingredients, and businesses are stepping up to fill this need.  From labs maintaining yeast strains, farms building hop yards, and mobile canning lines that jump from brewery to brewery, businesses from all over the state are embracing the explosion of the local beer community.

Anthony Verdi and his family created Sky High Hops to supply breweries with a quality product that can make their beers stand out.  Situated at Sage Hill Farm in Flemington, NJ, Sky High Hops is in their second growing season with no plans of slowing down.

Sage Hill Farm, Sky High Hops, Flemington, NJ
The entrance to the Hop Yard at Sage Hill Farm

Three types of hops are currently grown in the Sky High Hops yard..  The Centennial and Cascade vines are in their second year, while the Chinook vines are first year.  Owner Anthony Verdi says their yield and quality has been great on such young plants.

Sage Hill Farm, Sky High Hops, Flemington, NJ
Beautiful handmade signs to guide you in the hop yard
Sage Hill Farm, Sky High Hops, Flemington, NJ
The Centennial vines are almost ready!

The diligent farmers at Sage Hill were able to yield enough hops from their first growing season to use in a few different local beers.  Flemington, NJ's Lone Eagle Brewing used wet (freshly picked, not dried) Cascade and Centennial hops in a brown ale aptly named "Hunterdon Wet Hopped Brown Ale." More of Sky High Hops' Cascades were later used in a pale ale from Lone Eagle Brewing.

Sage Hill Farm, Sky High Hops, Flemington, NJ
Cascades to the left!

Sage Hill Farm, Sky High Hops, Flemington, NJ
Cascades are shooting "Sky High," but still need time to mature

"Drinking a beer brewed using hops that we grew here on the farm is something special.  Not much can compare to that, " says owner Anthony Verdi.

Sage Hill Farm, Sky High Hops, Flemington, NJ
Flowering Cascade

Sage Hill Farm, Sky High Hops, Flemington, NJ
Single row of Chinook vines

Sky High Hops is currently taking orders for their 2017 growing season.  If you want wet hops, let them know soon!  Sales are also open to homebrewers, so feel free to contact Anthony at Sky High Hops.

Make sure to check out their website!  They have lots of great information on their methods of growing, harvesting, and drying their hops.

Sky High Hops links:


Sage Hill Farm, Sky High Hops, Flemington, NJ
Looking over the yard at Sky High Hops


  1. Wow, loving the pictures. I've always wanted to grow hops but never had the space. Very nice!


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