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Upcoming NJ Beers - as of 08/30/14

This week, we have 1 new bottle label and the rest are keg labels. ...
The bottle label is from River Horse Brewing (Ewing, NJ) and is for their IPA.  I originally thought this would be just a rebranding of their Hop Hazard Pale Ale, but it looks like to be a completely new recipe.  I love the label artwork for the bottles.
Angry Erik Brewing (Lafayette, NJ) had keg labels for Summit Up (an IPA), Dubbel Blade (an abbey dubbel ale) and Fika (a sweet stout).
Kane Brewing (Ocean Twp, NJ) had a keg label approval for their 3rd anniversary beer, One Thousand Ninety Five.  
Flounder Brewing (Hillsborough, NJ) had sixtel label approvals for their Hill Street Honey Ale and Saison du Flounder.

Flounder Brewing's August Tour Day

The team over at Flounder Brewing in Hillsborough, NJ opens up their brewery to the public once-a-month for an open house. Sign-ups for the open house are announced via Flounder's Facebook page.  Visitors are given a brief tour of the the small brewery, including a story of how a group of homebrewers turned their hobby into a business.  The brewing process is explained, and afterwards, the visitors are walked over to the bar for complimentary samples of each beer.  You may also purchase one pint of beer (~$5) and/or a growler fill ($8-$16) of a beer you want to bring home.

Their were 3 beers on draft for Flounder Brewing's August event:

Hill St. Honey AleSaison du FlounderSaison du Berliner Weisse (soured saison/farmhouse sour...not quite sure what the final name is!) Saison du Berliner Weisse was available straight, with raspberry syrup or with strawberry syrup.  All 3 were great.  Flounder had prepared homemade syrups for the occasion, and they were top notch.  I brought home…

Upcoming NJ Beers - as of 08/10/14

Here are some beers that recently got their labels approved in NJ.  Get ready!

A Thursday Blogshare (08/07/14)

Lots of good beer content today, so let's jump right in!

1.    "On Ageing, Condition and Best Before" from Pete Drinks

     Pete's article here accentuates the point that some beers are really meant to be enjoyed as fresh as possible.  He stresses that if a brewer wants their beer enjoyed 3 months from the bottling date, then they need to stamp or print the bottling date on each bottle, and declare that it is meant to be drank within 3 months (even if distributors/sellers want to keep it on the shelf for 6 months).
     Pete writes from a UK perspective, but it couldn't ring more true here in America.  As a customer, we are bombarded with beers on the shelf that have the potential to be very old.  I don't want my IPA to be under a layer of dust.  The brewers and distributors need to patrol stores that sell their beer, and be aware if old beer is being sold that isn't supposed to be old.  There's no better way to lose a customer than with a beer that&…

What is Right with Beer in America Today

Lately, there have been a number of overly negative articles on the state of beer today.  I decided to look at beer in a brighter light, and make a list of 5 things that are RIGHT with beer in America today.  Feel free to add anything you think is also right with beer today in the comments below!

1.  Selection

There is literally a beer for everyone these days.  An ultra hoppy ale, a mouth puckering sour, a crisp lager or a creamy stout.  You are likely within short driving distance of at least 1 of the > 3,000 breweries in the U.S., and if not, then a liquor store that sells more than BMC.  Pair your beer with a meal, pair it with an activity, or just plain have a beer.  Any kind you can possibly think up!

2.  Accessibility

Sure, while there are cliques and snobs out there that may make the beer industry intimidating to some, beer is truly more accessible today than it's ever been.  Chances are your local brewery serves up tastings and tours on the weekends (and sometimes during …

New Jersey Beer Label Approvals - as of 08/02/14

Some highlights this week in New Jersey's bottle and keg label approvals, we see a large format River Horse bottle, a canned porter from soon-to-open Spellbound Brewing, an Irish-style Red Ale from Cape May's Tuckahoe Brewing, and keg approvals from just opened Belford Brewing in Belford, NJ!