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A Tale of Two Monkeys

When Victory Brewing announced that they were going to be releasing barrel aged renditions of three of their beers (Golden Monkey, Baltic Thunder, Old Horizontal), I knew these were bottles that were going to be on my "must get" list.  For this post, I am going to try White Monkey (Golden Monkey aged in white wine barrels), and compare it to the original, Golden Monkey.  
Victory Brewing Company - Beer Portfolio page

Golden Monkey, Belgian Tripel 9.5% ABV Beer Portfolio Page Appearance:  Gold color with some haze, two finger rocky white head, pleasant lacing Aroma:  Classic Belgian tripel aroma, hint of banana, pepper, yeast Flavor:  sweet malt profile, peppery, big alcohol in the finish Mouthfeel:  High carbonation, medium to medium-full body, bitter finish

White Monkey Belgian Tripel aged in white wine barrels 9.5% ABV Beer Portfolio Page Appearance:  Orange-gold, 2 finger fluffy white head, hazy, not much lacing Aroma:  white wine aroma jumps out at me, apple Flavor:  white wine, fruit…

April 2013 Blogshare

Thanks for stopping in, and welcome to April's blogshare!  Spend some time, and check out these great posts from around the beer blog community.  Give them a follow while you're at it!
A visual tour of Crooked Stave Barrel Cellar - If you like looking at pictures of barrel rooms (who doesn't?),  take a look at this post from the Fermentedly Challenged blog.  Dave stops into the Crooked Stave Barrel Cellar in Denver, CO, where the brewers work on their barrel-aging experiments, and also have a taproom where you can try out their wares.
QnA with DnU: Rich Sobotka - Less than 3 years after opening, Great South Bay Brewery, out of Long Island, New York, has already expanded into a larger facility to increase their output and manage demand.  In this day and age, it's great to read about the successes of smaller companies.  Rich Sobotka, brewmaster and owner of Great South Bay Brewery, took the time to have a Q&A with the writer of Drunk & Unemployed.  Lots of great i…

Beer Guide to Flemington, NJ

This is my first post in what will be a (weekly, monthly, who knows?) series of beer guides to areas around NJ.  They will serve to let you know places where you can definitely go to find some great beer.
So, you've found yourself in Flemington, NJ.  You're more than likely not here by mistake, as Flemington is one of the more out of the way boroughs in NJ.  The economic recession is loud and clear here, with loads of stores for rent/sale, and an outlet mall where half of the stores are empty.  However, there is a silver lining in recessions, and it seems the liquor stores are doing well!  Here are some places in Flemington, NJ you can go and have a wide selection of beer to choose from!
1.Little Bros Beverage Outlet
67 Church Street, Flemington, NJ
When I was new to the area, Little Bros is the first shop on this list I was told I had to check out.  They have a huge selection of beer/cider/mead from all over the world.  For six packs, the shelves are divided into …

DC Brau The Citizen Belgian-Style Pale

Another beer I picked up on my trip to Virginia was DC Brau's The Citizen.  Right on the can The Citizen proclaims itself as a "Belgian-Style Pale."  If I had had more time on my trip, I would have loved to have visited DC Brau's brewery, but alas, it will have to wait until next time.  This is my first DC Brau brew, and I can't wait to try it out.  Let's see how The Citizen pours...

The Citizen DC Brau Belgian-style Pale Ale 7% ABV 12 oz. can poured into my Ithaca Beer pub glass

DC Brau's The Citizen pours pale gold in color, with a finger and half width of white head.  The head subsides fairly quickly, and doesn't leave much lacing.  Lots of carbonation is visible rising from the bottom of the glass.  There is tons of citrus in the aroma of The Citizen.  Lemon, orange, grapefruit.  A bit of a yeasty aroma is present as well.  The flavor starts with more citrus, mainly lemon and grapefruit.  At the end of each swallow the citrus lingers, and a hint of pe…

Maui Brewing Coconut Porter

I have heard an incredible amount of good things about the beers from Maui Brewing Co.  Now, I try not to judge a beer before I've had it, but it's hard not to have high expectations with Maui Brewing's Coconut Porter.  It has won medals in many beer competitions, including the World Beer Cup, United States Open Beer Championship and the San Diego International Beer Competition.  Arrowine in Arlington, VA had 4-packs of the Coconut Porter, and I picked some up without a second thought!  Let's check the stats on this beer, and see if it lives up to the hype!  

Coconut Porter Maui Brewing Company American Porter 6.0% ABV 30 IBUs 12 oz can poured intotulip glass
Maui Brewing's Coconut Porter pours black with a two finger width tan head.  The tan head diminishes a bit, but leaves a nice amount of creamy head on top of the beer.  There are lots of tiny carbonation bubbles rising  up in this one.  The Coconut Porter has a sweet vanilla/coconut creme aroma, with a bit of choco…

Brooklyn Brewery Silver Anniversary Lager

Wow, it has been a long time!  I have neglected this blog, and drinking, for much of the past 3 weeks.  There were some health issues I had to deal with, but everything is good now, and I am back!  I'm working on a few different posts, and there should be fairly steady content from here on out!
Tonight I am drinking Brooklyn Brewery's Silver Anniversary Lager.  This beer was released in 25.4 oz. bottles and kegs.  One of my local beer stores, Central Liquors in Flemington, NJ, had a growler station takeover of Brooklyn Brewery beers earlier today.  I jumped at the chance to pick up a growler of the Silver Anniversary Lager on tap!
Silver Anniversary Lager Brooklyn Brewery Doppelbock 8.6% ABV 45 IBUs 32 oz. growler poured into an 8 oz. tulip glass

Brooklyn Brewery's Silver Anniversary Lager pours a strikingly clear copper color with a one and a half finger white head.  The head recedes slowly, and leaves attractive lacing on the glass.  A spicy, citrus smell dominates the aroma.…