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The Just Beer Project: Just Summer

The Just Beer Project has finally branched out beyond their Anytime IPA with a beer release for the summer, appropriately named Just Summer.  You can find a short write-up I did on The Just Beer Project and Anytime IPA here.

Just Summer is an unfiltered wheat beer that comes in at 4.2% abv.  It is an incredibly straightforward wheat beer, which I believe is exactly how the Just Beer Project planned it.  The low alcohol content in the beer allows Just Summer to be a perfect companion on a hot day, and is quite refreshing after a day out in the sun.

It would be nice if The Just Beer Project sold Just Summer in cans.  It would be a great beer to bring to the beach or other places where glass can't go.

Its exciting to see lower alcohol beers that aren't IPAs.  Bring 'em on!

You can find Just Summer in Georgia, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Virginia and Hartford, CT.

Please Note:  The Just Beer Project sent me this beer.  I am in no…