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Beer Digest IV: Weyerbacher Viridis Lupulus and Round Guys Fat Bob XVII

Hey all, thanks for stopping in to this week's Beer Digest.  This is the fourth installment, and I am highlighting two beers from two different Pennsylvania breweries, Weyerbacher and Round Guys Brewing.  Before I get into the beers, I want to thank Josh from Short on Beer for including me in his video series, "Conversations with Beer Bloggers."  Check out our conversation, where we talk about how I got into craft beer and beer blogging!
Weyerbacher Brewing Viridis Lupulus IPA 7.5% ABV, 95 IBUs
The team over at Weyerbacher Brewing have come up with a new seasonal beer, Viridis Lupulus, and it is an IPA.  They plan on releasing Viridis Lupulus in late spring or early summer, and will feature a different lineup of hops for each release.  According to Wiktionary, viridis comes from the Latin verb vireo, which translates to "to be verdant, to sprout."  Lupulus comes from Humulus lupulus, and is the species name for the common hop.  So, Viridis Lupulus kind of translat…

You Put WHAT Kind of Hops in My Saison?!

How often is it that you discover a new style of beer?  In this age of the Internets and the Googles, information is flowing faster than ever.  Due to the unwavering diligence of the words of the beer blogger, faithful readers get news of beer releases via label approvals sometimes MONTHS before a beer is released.  Therefore, you would think nothing could slip by, right?
It wasn't so much a style that alluded me, but more a blend of styles.  I'm talking about saisons (farmhouse ales) that are hopped up like an IPA (hey, happy #IPAday, if you're into that sort of thing).  Let's call them simply, bitter saisons.  I had my first saison brewed in this way last weekend, but not on purpose, as I thought it was going to be more of a traditionally brewed saison.  Then, I came across ANOTHER one!  I bought it thinking it would be another traditionally brewed saison, but nope.  Both had tons of citrus/pine in the aroma and in the flavor, and surprised the heck out of me!
Even …