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Checking out Beer Portfolio

Let's face it, a lot of us craft beer fans and homebrewers love our gadgets and love our apps.  We use them to categorize and keep track of our beer collections, keep track of what we (and all our friends) drink, and just about everything else

For the past year or so, I have been using Beer Portfolio.  There are a lot of unique features in Beer Portfolio to catalog beers you've had, find new beers to try, and create stats based on your drinking habits. 

Once you register in the Beer Portfolio system, you are free to start exploring.  How about we take a look at one of my favorite Flying Fish beers, their Exit 4 American Trippel.  The beer's page has a rundown of its stats, beer style, suggested glassware, the average Beer Portfolio rating of the beer, and a Beer Portfolio suggestion if you should try the beer or not, based on how you have rated similar beers in the past.

Scrolling down, there are several tabs you can click through.  One of the most unique things about …

World of Beer - New Brunswick, NJ

World of Beer's location in New Brunswick, NJ opened up earlier this week, so Kerry and I made it a point to stop in and check it out.  
Walking in, we were a bit unsure if a host would take us to a seat or if we were supposed to seat ourselves.  We kind of just wandered around until a waitress pointed us to an empty table and provided us with their menu, which includes their tap selections (around 50), bottle selections (around 500) and food.  Here is a look at some of the beers they had on draft: (sorry for the crappy photos, only had my camera phone with me!)
At first, I ordered local NJ brewery Bolero Snort's There's No Ryeing in Basebull, but the server had to come back to tell me it actually wasn't on tap.  That's no good!  I do understand though, when you have lots of taps, it is hard to keep the list current.  Since I couldn't get the beer from Bolero Snort, I ended up opting for Kane Brewing's Drift Line, a very nice brown ale, which is pictured b…

In The Brewhouse: New Jersey Beer Co.'s Brendan O'Neil

Nothing beats chatting with a brewer with his brewhouse looming as the backdrop.  Over the weekend, Kerry and I drove east to visit New Jersey Beer Company in North Bergen, NJ.  I spoke with Brendan O'Neil, the head brewer, while Kerry took photographs throughout the brewery.

Mould's Beer Blog:  Can you give me a little background on New Jersey Beer Co.?

Brendan:  Yea!  We're three years old, and had our third anniversary this past May.  We were started and founded by Matt Steinberg, and then wound up taking a round of investors in a few months after we got our equipment and really started making beer.  So now we're owned by a group of around 10 investors, depending on how you want to differentiate among married couples.  The biggest investor is a realtor developer from Jersey City named Paul Silverman, he's our chairperson.  He's pretty much driving this ship, momentarily.  I've been here from the start of the company, since this room was empty.  I helped in…