Thursday, November 14, 2013

Checking out Beer Portfolio

Let's face it, a lot of us craft beer fans and homebrewers love our gadgets and love our apps.  We use them to categorize and keep track of our beer collections, keep track of what we (and all our friends) drink, and just about everything else

For the past year or so, I have been using Beer Portfolio.  There are a lot of unique features in Beer Portfolio to catalog beers you've had, find new beers to try, and create stats based on your drinking habits. 

Once you register in the Beer Portfolio system, you are free to start exploring.  How about we take a look at one of my favorite Flying Fish beers, their Exit 4 American Trippel.  The beer's page has a rundown of its stats, beer style, suggested glassware, the average Beer Portfolio rating of the beer, and a Beer Portfolio suggestion if you should try the beer or not, based on how you have rated similar beers in the past.

Scrolling down, there are several tabs you can click through.  One of the most unique things about Beer Portfolio is that every user can give each beer a single taste tag.  When you click on taste profile, you see what taste tags other users have applied to the beer.  In this case, you can see that people say that Exit 4 American Trippel has elements of citrus and clove, with some bitterness.

Another feature I really like is how if you click on say, clove, you can see all the beers that people have added the taste tag clove to.  In this case, Weihenstephaner Vitus, Southern Tier Pumking, Harpoon Winter Warmer and Captain Lawrence Pumpkin Ale all have clove taste tags.

Once you start adding lots of beers and breweries, you can make some pretty neat pie charts out of your stats.  Who doesn't like pie charts?  Check out my current pie chart for the number of beers from a specific brewery I have added to my Beer Portfolio.  FYI, in first is Victory Brewing.

Beer Portfolio also has an Android app you can get on Google Play.  There is a paid version and a free version.  On the paid version, there are no ads, and there are some pro features, such as finding nearby breweries. 

Beer Portfolio website
Beer Portfolio Facebook
Beer Portfolio Google+


  1. I havent heard of this one prior, I need to check it out when i have time - would be great if there were a way to import my untappd data some how (might need the pro untappd for the export function?)

    1. Yea this app is pretty fun. There used to be a way to add beer reviews with links to your blog, but that may have been changed. On Google+ there is a Beer Portfolio page and community where I'm sure you can get your importing/exporting questions answered!

    2. Bierbattered:
      There is currently no import/export option. But the developer of the Beer Portfolio app is incredibly responsive to feedback.
      I could be wrong (and probably am since I am not a programmer), but I am not sure if import/export would be an easy thing since untappd and BP have 2 very different goals. Where I use untappd for every beer I consume (often in multiples of one beer), I use BP to record each beer I consume singularly. In other words, if I drink 6 Shorts Controversiales, I will list it each time in untappd, but you can only list it once in BP. This helps with organization and clarification if you ever want to go back and see what you thought of a beer and what your style/brewery percentages are in a more unique way.

  2. Just a minor correction. You say that the user can add one taste tag. You can actually add as many as you deem relevant to the beer. Unfortunately, the page doesn't auto-refresh when you add a taste tag, but you can add more than one per beer and it will be reflected in the statistics of that beer. It averages out your selections. So if you say High in Clove and High in Citrus, it will tag it as 50% Clove, 50% Citrus for your entry.
    If you say High in Clove and Mid in Citrus, it will tag it 66% Clove and 33% Citrus (and so forth).

    Another source regarding this app:

    Mind if I add a link in my article about beer portfolio to your article as well (for reader multiple sources)?

    1. Good to know, Jeremy. I didn't realize that about adding multiple taste tags.

      No problem about adding the link, the more, the merrier!