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902 Brewing Black Dynomite Black IPA

I love when a new brewery starts up and is able to get their beer in bottles.  It also makes me nervous though, because in the past I've been burned from getting bad bottles from new breweries.  My only assumptions are that there must be a higher chance for variation/contamination when filling bottles.  When bottling, you need consistency of fill volume and carbonation, and you need to make sure those bottles are clean and sanitized or else off flavors may develop in the beer.  These are all problems I've seen from bottles in the past.

Let's hope that we don't have any bottle problems today!

902 Brewing entered the New Jersey beer scene a little less than 1 year ago.  Instead of starting out with their own brewery, they contract out the brewing and tank space at Climax Brewing in Roselle Park, NJ. This had me a little worried, because Climax is one of the brewers that I've had bad bottles from.

Most of the business 902 Brewing does is in and around the Hoboken ar…

Bolero Snort Brewery Bravehorn

Bolero Snort Brewery is killing it.  I can't say it enough.  They have been sporadically releasing new beers in 22 oz. sized bomber bottles, alongside their year round beers (Longhop IPA and Ragin' Bull amber lager) and barrel aged treats.  The beers that have been released in the bombers have been stellar, and they have also been competitively priced.  I've shared my drinking of several of their new beers on all of the social media, just not on this here blog (I'm trying to rectify that!)

As of this writing, some of the unique 22. oz bombers that Bolero Snort has released have been El Matador (a session ale brewed with cilantro, lime and jalapeno), Variabull 001 and 002 (an IPA and a smoked brown ale with coffee, respectively), and Explorabull (another IPA).  Coming out on 11/1 in 22 oz. bottles (and kegs of course) is Moovember Milk Stout.

The latest bomber from Bolero Snort that I've enjoyed is Bravehorn, a scotch ale/wee heavy style beer with cranberries and o…