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In the Brewhouse with Conclave Brewing

I can't stress enough how much of an exciting time this is to be a beer fan in NJ.  The majority of NJ residents now live within a short drive of a local brewery, giving them the ability to get their beer as fresh as possible, from the source.

Conclave Brewing, opening July 11 in Raritan Twp., is making that drive a lot shorter for Hunterdon County residents  Ever since River Horse moved a little farther south down the Delaware River to Ewing, Hunterdon County has been devoid of a production brewery (there is The Ship Inn brewpub, in the northwest corner of the county).

Conclave Brewing's thirsty customers will be able to imbibe in a farmhouse saison and an espresso milk stout.  Once hop orders are secured, a pale ale will be added to the list.  To spice things up, variants of these beers with different treatments will also be available.

The brewery is a 3 barrel kettle with a lineup of 7 barrel fermentation tanks.  If you want to try Conclave's saison and espresso milk stout…

In the Brewhouse with Cypress Brewing Co.

Get excited for another NJ brewery opening soon!  Cypress Brewing will be opening their doors in early July in a tucked away industrial park at 30 Nixon Lane in Edison, NJ.  They are currently prepping for their July 9th launch party at Hailey's Harp and Pub in Metuchen, NJ, and their fermentation and brite tanks are full to prove it.  

For their launch, Cypress Brewing will have 10(!) beers ready for NJ beer fans to try out.  Their idea is to have something for everyone to be able to enjoy.
Hop heads can relish in three different IPAs:  a "nearly sessionable" Cypress IPA, a Cypress Double IPA and a 106 IBU "hop bomb" that is Cypress West Coast IPA.  
Stout lovers will clamor over the Cypress Double Chocolate Imperial Oatmeal Stout, where at 8.8% ABV, Cypress will only sell it to you in half glasses (in their tap room, at least).  

You will find a full list of their launch beers, along with brewer's descriptions, at the end of this post!

According to Cypress own…

Upcoming NJ Beers - as of 06-16-15

Wow, it's been almost 2 months since my last update on upcoming NJ beers.  Get ready for lots of labels!

(also, I didn't add any pictures of the keg labels.  So if there's no picture with the beer's name, it's a keg beer!)

Angry Erik Brewing: American Limey (India Pale Ale brewed with lime zest and lime juice), Aloysia Citrodora (Pale Ale brewed with Lemon Verbena)

Beach Haus Brewery:

Brix City Brewing:  Here we have the first bottle release from newly opened Brix City Brewing out of Little Falls, NJ!

Cape May Brewing:

Carton Brewing: Tharsis (ale brewed with Thai chiles and saffron, 6.2% ABV)

Cypress Brewing: Another new NJ brewery!  Northern English Style Nut Brown Ale and Rye Saison Ale

Flounder Brewing: Cascadian Dark Ale, American Ale

Flying Fish Brewing Company: Gone Fish'n, Ye Olde Beer Barrel Pub Ale

Kane Brewing:

Melovino Meadery:

River Horse Brewing Company:

Spellbound Brewing:  Berliner Weisse

Tuckahoe Brewing Company: Meadowbank Beer (4.9% ABV)

Now get out there …

A Visit to Village Idiot and Spellbound Breweries

One of the most interesting things about today's beer worldis the different ways that brewery owners choose to run their brewery.  You can open a brewpub or have a production brewery.  In your production brewery you can have a small tasting bar, a larger bar where you can serve flights and pints, or you can not let any patrons in the brewery at all!  The size of your brewery also makes a huge difference in your business plan. Two breweries in Mt. Holly, NJ, Spellbound Brewing and Village Idiot Brewing, really showcase many of these differences.

Both Village Idiot and Spellbound Brewing Companies have been open for a short time, and with quite different business plans.  First, the things they have in common.  1)  Both in Mt. Holly 2) Both production breweries (not a brewpub, so they don't serve food)

Village Idiot Brewing opened up on High Street in downtown Mt. Holly, NJ in December of 2013.  Owners and brewers Rich and Vince decided to open small, brewing their beers in 1.5 ba…