Friday, June 26, 2015

In the Brewhouse with Cypress Brewing Co.

Get excited for another NJ brewery opening soon!  Cypress Brewing will be opening their doors in early July in a tucked away industrial park at 30 Nixon Lane in Edison, NJ.  They are currently prepping for their July 9th launch party at Hailey's Harp and Pub in Metuchen, NJ, and their fermentation and brite tanks are full to prove it.  

Cypress Brewing, Edison, NJ, Craft Beer
The Barstools at Cypress Waiting to be Filled
For their launch, Cypress Brewing will have 10(!) beers ready for NJ beer fans to try out.  Their idea is to have something for everyone to be able to enjoy.

Hop heads can relish in three different IPAs:  a "nearly sessionable" Cypress IPA, a Cypress Double IPA and a 106 IBU "hop bomb" that is Cypress West Coast IPA.  

Stout lovers will clamor over the Cypress Double Chocolate Imperial Oatmeal Stout, where at 8.8% ABV, Cypress will only sell it to you in half glasses (in their tap room, at least).  

You will find a full list of their launch beers, along with brewer's descriptions, at the end of this post!

Cypress Brewing, Edison, NJ, Craft Beer
Fermentation Tanks Filled with Beer for Cypress Brewing's Launch Party

According to Cypress owner/brewer Charles Backmann (he is 1 of 3 owners), they were originally going to start with a 1 barrel (31.5 gallon) brewhouse, but ultimately decided it would be best to spring for the 2 barrel (63 gallon) system.  As you can see in the picture above, they have 4-2 barrel fermentation tanks and 1-4 barrel fermentation tank. 


Cypress Brewing, Edison, NJ, Craft Beer
Cypress' Brewing Setup Ready to Go

You will be able to try Cypress Brewing's beers at several bars around Middlesex County, but they are also planning on doing a lot of business out of their tap room.  For sale will be full pints and flights.  And of course, growlers will be available for you to take the beer home with you.

Cypress Brewing, Edison, NJ, Craft Beer
Love the Cypress Brewing Logo and Shadow Cypress Trees

Once again, head out to Hailey's Harp and Pub in Metuchen, NJ for Cypress Brewing's launch party, where you will be able to have a taste of any of the beers listed below.....I guess you can call that a tap takeover!

Cypress Brewing Co.
30 Nixon Lane, Unit E
Edison, NJ 08837

Hailey's Harp and Pub
400 Main St.
Metuchen, NJ 08840

Cypress Brewing's Launch Beers

Cypress Blonde - 3.7% ABV, 20 IBU - Light American Ale with a blend of pale and pilsner malts.
Cypress Northern English Nut Brown - 4.6% ABV, 25 IBU - Dark and malty with roasted barley and chocolate malt.  Earthy hops and a sweet, nutty finish.
Cypress Hefeweizen - 4.9% ABV, 12 IBU - Traditional German Hefeweizen with pronounced banana and clove notes.
Cypress Irish Red - 5.2% ABV19 IBU - Deep red hue and a malty, slightly roasted flavor.  Mild use of earthy hops, and finishes with a slight toffee flavor.
Cypress Amber - 5.5% ABV, 35 IBU - American style Amber Ale with a slight biscuit flavor due to added Amber malt.  Moderate use of West Coast American hops.
Cypress Rye Saison - 5.6% ABV, 27 IBU - Hazy and light in color.  Dry, with a distinct Rye flavor with hints of black pepper and coriander.  Earthy hops and a clean finish.
Cypress IPA - 5.9% ABV, 64 IBU - A "nearly sessionable" American IPA.  Light in color, with pronounced pine and grapefruit flavors.  Dry-hopped with a generous amount of Centennial and Cascade hops.
Cypress West Coast IPA - 7.4% ABV, 106 IBU - A "hop bomb" American IPA.  Powerful aroma and 106 IBU from an onslaught of West Coast hops.
Cypress Double IPA - 8.4% ABV, 85 IBU - Mashed high (for an IPA) to allow some residual malt sugars to show through.  Added honey malt for a slightly sweet flavor.  Floral aroma with a hint of tropical fruit.
Cypress Double Chocolate Imperial Oatmeal Stout -8.8% ABV, 45 IBU - High final gravity and added oats for a heavy, silky mouth feel. Nearly 50% more cocoa then a typical chocolate stout.  Earthy hops, and fermented with English Ale yeast.


  1. Nice read! Can't wait to check this place out.

  2. This place is looking really very nice to me and I cannot wait to be there and have some good time with my friends. This week, I am organizing a small party for my friends at event space NYC and I am very excited for that.