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In the Brewhouse with Conclave Brewing

I can't stress enough how much of an exciting time this is to be a beer fan in NJ.  The majority of NJ residents now live within a short drive of a local brewery, giving them the ability to get their beer as fresh as possible, from the source.

Conclave Brewing, Raritan Twp, New Jersey, Craft Beer
Welcome to Conclave Brewing

Conclave Brewing, opening July 11 in Raritan Twp., is making that drive a lot shorter for Hunterdon County residents  Ever since River Horse moved a little farther south down the Delaware River to Ewing, Hunterdon County has been devoid of a production brewery (there is The Ship Inn brewpub, in the northwest corner of the county).

Conclave Brewing, Raritan Twp, New Jersey, Craft Beer
Part of Conclave's Brewhouse

Conclave Brewing's thirsty customers will be able to imbibe in a farmhouse saison and an espresso milk stout.  Once hop orders are secured, a pale ale will be added to the list.  To spice things up, variants of these beers with different treatments will also be available.

Conclave Brewing, Raritan Twp, New Jersey, Craft Beer
Conclave Brewing's Tank Farm

The brewery is a 3 barrel kettle with a lineup of 7 barrel fermentation tanks.  If you want to try Conclave's saison and espresso milk stout before they open, head over Nik's Wunderbar (Whitehouse Station, NJ) on July 9th.  Starting at 11am, Conclave will be on tap!

Conclave Brewing, Raritan Twp, New Jersey, Craft Beer
Conclave's Tap Room 

Conclave will have their doors open on July 11 from 1-5 pm.  On tap will be their espresso milk stout, a spiced variant of the espresso milk stout, their farmhouse saison and a dry hopped version of the saison.  You will be able to have glasses of the beer in the tap room, and of course fill up growlers to go.

Conclave Brewing
15 Minneakoning Rd. / Suite 202
Raritan Twp, NJ 08822


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