Thursday, November 7, 2013

World of Beer - New Brunswick, NJ

World of Beer's location in New Brunswick, NJ opened up earlier this week, so Kerry and I made it a point to stop in and check it out.  

Walking in, we were a bit unsure if a host would take us to a seat or if we were supposed to seat ourselves.  We kind of just wandered around until a waitress pointed us to an empty table and provided us with their menu, which includes their tap selections (around 50), bottle selections (around 500) and food.  Here is a look at some of the beers they had on draft: (sorry for the crappy photos, only had my camera phone with me!)

At first, I ordered local NJ brewery Bolero Snort's There's No Ryeing in Basebull, but the server had to come back to tell me it actually wasn't on tap.  That's no good!  I do understand though, when you have lots of taps, it is hard to keep the list current.  Since I couldn't get the beer from Bolero Snort, I ended up opting for Kane Brewing's Drift Line, a very nice brown ale, which is pictured below.

Kane Brewing, Drift Line, New Jersey, Craft Beer
Kane Brewing Drift Line
Next, we decided to split the German pretzel.  We had seen it delivered to a few tables around us, and it looked great!  It tasted as good as it looked, too.

German Pretzel
When the pretzel came, I realized I was going to need another beer, so I took a look through the bottled beers.  When the server came back, I put in an order for a Ramstein lager.  Alas, when the server came back, they didn't have any bottles of it!  I can only hope that this was because it was only World of Beer's first week, and maybe they didn't have all of their orders in yet.  Still, frustrating!

I ended up putting in an order for Sixpoint's The Crisp, which was on tap.  The presentation of this beer was great, which World of Beer got some extra points for.
Sixpoint Brewing, The Crisp, Lager, New York, Craft beer
Sixpoint Brewery The Crisp
Overall, even though they didn't have two of the beers I was looking for, World of Beer was definitely impressive, and is a welcome addition to New Brunswick. 

World of Beer
335 George Street
New Brunswick, NJ 08901