Tuesday, August 5, 2014

What is Right with Beer in America Today

Lately, there have been a number of overly negative articles on the state of beer today.  I decided to look at beer in a brighter light, and make a list of 5 things that are RIGHT with beer in America today.  Feel free to add anything you think is also right with beer today in the comments below!

1.  Selection

There is literally a beer for everyone these days.  An ultra hoppy ale, a mouth puckering sour, a crisp lager or a creamy stout.  You are likely within short driving distance of at least 1 of the > 3,000 breweries in the U.S., and if not, then a liquor store that sells more than BMC.  Pair your beer with a meal, pair it with an activity, or just plain have a beer.  Any kind you can possibly think up!

2.  Accessibility

Sure, while there are cliques and snobs out there that may make the beer industry intimidating to some, beer is truly more accessible today than it's ever been.  Chances are your local brewery serves up tastings and tours on the weekends (and sometimes during the week).  In most states, these tours and tasting are quite cheap or even free, unlike most wine tastings and tours you may attend.  Also, if you can't make it out to the brewery, brewery reps are constantly out at liquor stores giving out free tastings of their beers!  The brewery's website often will have a list of where the reps will be pouring out their goods.

3.  Affordability

Like any other hobby or interest, you can spend as much money as you're willing to shell out.  However, you really don't have to shell out as much as you think in order to enjoy a good beer these days!  Sure, there are lots of high-end bottle shops and bars, but there's an equal number of bars out there that serve great beer where you don't have to spend more than $5 or $6 a pint.  If you want to take your beer home, it's A LOT cheaper to buy some from the liquor store or find a shop with a growler station.  You will save tons of money.

4.  Delicious

There is a ton of chatter on the interwebs about a lot of "craft" beer these days not quite cutting it in terms of quality. I say humbug.  Sure, you may encounter a few speed bumps out there, but the overall quality of "craft" beer in America is excellent.  The ratio definitely leans towards tasty as heck, even if all the beers can't be white whales.

5.  Local

Having a brewery or 2 in town definitely boosts the local economy.  Good beer is something people are ecstatic to travel for these days.  When people are in town to visit a brewery, they likely spend their hard earned money elsewhere in town as well.  From restaurants to food trucks to gas stations, everyone is benefiting from the breweries in town.

Can you think of anything more that is RIGHT with beer in America today?  List it below!

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