Thursday, August 7, 2014

A Thursday Blogshare (08/07/14)

Lots of good beer content today, so let's jump right in!

1.    "On Ageing, Condition and Best Before" from Pete Drinks

     Pete's article here accentuates the point that some beers are really meant to be enjoyed as fresh as possible.  He stresses that if a brewer wants their beer enjoyed 3 months from the bottling date, then they need to stamp or print the bottling date on each bottle, and declare that it is meant to be drank within 3 months (even if distributors/sellers want to keep it on the shelf for 6 months).
     Pete writes from a UK perspective, but it couldn't ring more true here in America.  As a customer, we are bombarded with beers on the shelf that have the potential to be very old.  I don't want my IPA to be under a layer of dust.  The brewers and distributors need to patrol stores that sell their beer, and be aware if old beer is being sold that isn't supposed to be old.  There's no better way to lose a customer than with a beer that's lackluster solely due to age.

2.  "EVERYTHING wrong with Beer at this Moment" from Beer Compurgation

     Another post from a UK writer, the Beer Compurgator is fed up with some things in his beer scene. From bottles vs. cans to bashing to cliques, a lot of the same can be said about segments of the beer industry in America.
     I, however, decided to write a post in an opposite, optimistic light.  While I agree its not perfect, here are some things that are RIGHT with beer in America today.

3.  "Brewery - Finback Brewery, Queens, NYC" from I Drink Good Beer

     NYC has rather quietly sprung up with a variety of new breweries.  Just in the last few years, the area around NYC now serves as a home to Broken Bow Brewery, Gun Hill Brewing Company, Transmitter Brewing Company and more.  In this case, Brian from I Drink Good Beer paid a visit to the newcomers at Finback Brewery in Queens.  Finback looks like the real deal, and as always I Drink Good Beer brings it with great photography and a descriptive summary of the brewery.

4.  "What Is the IPA In 2014?  Where Is It Headed?" from DC Beer

     It's probably not a coincidence that Jacob from DC Beer published this article in time for this year's IPA day.  First, the reader is brought up to speed with some of the current renditions of IPA (or at least where IPA finds its name on labels these days).  Then, interestingly, predictions are made for the future of IPA. Check 'em out, its good reading!

5.  "IPA Day is August 7: Forgive Me For Yawning" from Growler Fills

Articles like these are pretty common when IPA day is here, and I usually agree with them.  Here's one from Alan of Growler Fills.  If he's listening here, a Berliner Weisse day is an outstanding idea.  I would definitely be in on it!

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