Sunday, September 25, 2016

Flounder Visit - 09/25/16

(I'm in an effort to write something, anything every single day.  It's been awhile since I've been writing blog posts, so I'm hoping this will get me back in the groove.  Hope you enjoy my rambling.)

Yesterday, Flounder Brewing opened up for a few hours of growler sales.  It had been at least six months since I paid Flounder a visit, so I decided to stop in.  My wife and our son weren't up to the trip, so I ventured out for a quick jaunt to Hillsborough on my own.  

Their layout changed a bit since my last visit.  In Flounder's new configuration, you enter through the open garage door, try some samples at a small table they set up, then head to the bar to order a pint of beer or a growler.  I'm not too sure if they were selling pints or not yesterday, due to it being a growler sales day.  They were selling 5 oz. samples of their collaboration beer with Sam Adams, a cranberry-helles called Devil's Nectah.  I was worried it would be a cranberry bomb, but the cranberry was actually quite subtle.  It turned out to be a crisp and tasty beer.  Some other beers they had on tap were their Hill St. Honey Blonde Ale, Genevieve's IPA, Sorachi Ace Saison and Blanc on Blanc.  I picked up 32 oz. growlers of Blanc and Blanc and Genevieve's IPA.  Blanc on Blanc was a beer I had read about and wanted to try.  It is a saison brewed exclusively with Hallertau Blanc hops, aged in a Sauvignon Blanc barrel, and then blended with a fresh batch of saison prior to being packaged up.  It was mighty tasty.  Not groundbreaking, but tasty.  Definitely worth a try if you're into wine barrel aged beers.  I'll be drinking the IPA later today, so I'll report back on that one later.  

All in all, it was a good, quick trip to Flounder.  I was pleasantly surprised that there wasn't a line or a big crowd, and I could just walk right up to their taps and try their beer without having to wait.  They have some pumpkin beer fermenting, but I haven't been too into these in the last few years.  Hopefully Flounder has something else up their sleeves for us non-pumpkin beer fans!

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