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Upcoming NJ Beers - as of 03/18/15

As of late, I've been posting about upcoming NJ beer releases once a month.  However, there was recently a slew of bottle labels that were approved, so I decided to do another post now!  Here are those upcoming NJ beers you can look forward to!

Forgotten Boardwalk:  Cherry Hill, NJ's Forgotten Boardwalk Brewing has another can release on the horizon with the label approval for their Funnel Cake Ale.  5.5% ABV in 12 oz. cans.

Forgotten Boardwalk Brewing, Funnel Cake Ale, Beer, New Jersey
Forgotten Boardwalk Funnel Cake Ale

River Horse:  Ewing, NJ's River Horse Brewing saw the approval of 2 bottled beers.  First, a 6% ABV Farmhouse Saison.  Second, Brewer's Reserve Batch 018, White, a Belgian-style Wheat Ale.

River Horse Farmhouse Saison
Bottle Collar for River Horse White
Bottle label for River Horse Brewer's Reserve beers

There were also the following keg label approvals/updates:

Belford Brewing - Irish Style Red ale, Horseshoe Maibock
Cape May Brewing - Harvest Ale
Kane Brewing - Evening Bell imperial porter
Rinn Duin Brewing:  Lawnmower English Style Blonde Ale

Go out and enjoy some beers!


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