Thursday, July 12, 2012

Yards Poor Richard's Tavern Spruce

Yards Brewing Company's Poor Richard's Tavern Spruce is part of Yards' Ales of the Revolution series of beers.  According to their website, it was first brewed to commemorate Ben Franklin's 300th birthday, and is based on Ben Franklin's original recipe.  Yards has an awesome bar at their brewery, where you can buy pints or flights of their great lineup of beers, and enjoy drinking them with an incredible view into the brewhouse.

Poor Richard's Tavern Spruce
Poured from a 12 oz bottle, 5% ABV

Appearance:  Pours a medium brown color (looks darker than it is in the picture), with a small head that dissipates fairly quickly.
Aroma:  I'm getting mostly a sweet, sweet caramel smell.  A little bit of spruce.
Taste:  Similar to the aroma, quite sweet, caramel, and definitely some spruce
Mouthfeel:  Heavy carbonation at first, but it's quickly overpowered by the beer.  Medium heaviness.
Overall:  A decent beer, nice to have once in awhile, but not a beer I would want to keep stocked in my fridge.  My wife disagrees with me though, and says she loves it!

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