Saturday, August 4, 2012

Beer Blogs I Follow

No reviews this week, but I wanted to get a post in.  I'm going to highlight a few beer blogs I like to follow, and link some of my favorite posts over the past month or so.  Enjoy!

Beer To Try -

I always enjoy reading this blog's reviews.  He's part of the team over at New Holland Brewing Co., and reviews a wide variety of beers.  Here's a review of Breckenridge Brewery's Summer Bright Ale:

BeerBrarian -

Check out this recent post by the BeerBrarian about his beef with IPA day:

Beers 'N' Books -
Their IPA day post.

I Drink Good Beer -
A video from Carton Brewing in the Atlantic Highlands, NJ and their first anniversary beer, SS 2012.

Lost in the Beer Aisle -

I always enjoy reading their reviews
Here's a review of Rising Tide's Daymark, a brewery I want to try as soon as I can

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