Saturday, August 18, 2012

Weyerbacher Blasphemy

I've finally been getting back on the exercise wagon.  I've decided to start small, and just work on trying to improve my mile time, hoping that will improve my stamina.  I went out 4 times this week, doing a little over a mile each time.  My fastest was today, but still only a 10:30 minute mile!  I'm working on it!

I haven't had a beer in awhile, so today I decided to uncork a bottle of Blasphemy by Weyerbacher Brewing Company.  To make Blasphemy, the brewers at Weyerbacher take their Quad, a Belgian style quadruple, and age it in bourbon barrels.  In the bottle, it is unfiltered, bottle conditioned, and 11.8% ABV.
Label from

Blasphemy pour a reddish brown color with a finger width head that dissipates quickly.  The nose is full of vanilla from the bourbon barrels.  Taking a sip, more vanilla, caramel, and alcohol.  Very smooth going down.  After letting warm a bit, I'm getting a cherry syrupy taste, it is quite pleasant.  This is a great beer to sit and relax with.  If I had a good cellar space, I would love to see what some age could do to this beer.

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