Sunday, September 16, 2012

Abita Jockamo IPA, Amber and Pecan Harvest Ale

I decided to branch out a little bit and try some brews from a brewing company I don't have much experience with.  As part of a mix a six pack from the Wegmans in Bridgewater, NJ, I picked up three brews from Abita Brewing Company.  I chose their Jockamo IPA, Amber and Pecan Harvest Ale.  It's awesome that Wegmans set up this mix a six pack program.  I love being able to try six different beers with one trip to the store!

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Abita Brewing Company is located in Abita Springs, Louisiana, about forty miles north of New Orleans.  They've been making beer since 1986, and according the Brewers Association (, Abita is the 25th largest brewing company in the United States, based on 2011 beer sales.

Best by stamp of December 2012
The Jockamo IPA pours amber in color.  It needed a little time to warm up for me to get any aroma.  When it did, it smelled a mix of citrus and caramel malt.  Citrus and pine from hops, and caramel malt dominate the flavor. A slight bitterness from the hops only shortly lingers.  This is a very balanced and drinkable IPA.

Best by August 16, 2012
I realized just before pouring the Abita Amber that it was best by August 16.  I will have to give this beer another review when I come by a fresh can.  The Amber pours an orange-amber in color, and is definitely a malt forward lager.  Smells and tastes of caramel malt, maybe a little honey.  Medium carbonation, smooth tasting.  This would be a great beer to bring to a tailgate or BBQ!

Best by January 16, 2013
Each beer in the Abita Harvest series showcases an ingredient grown in Louisiana.  In this ale, pecans from Louisiana are used in the brewing process.  It pours a deep amber color, with a finger width head that gets out of the way pretty quickly.  The Pecan Harvest ale gives off a nutty, malty aroma.  I was afraid this beer would be too sweet, but the pecan in the flavor is really subtle.  I guess that comes from using real pecans to get the nutty flavor.  Taste is mainly malt and subtle nuttiness.  A very light mouthfeel, I wouldn't have minded a little more substance.  Overall, a pretty good drink!

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