Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New Holland Brewing Oak Aged Hatter / August Fitness Summary

It was almost the middle of August, and I found myself just feeling really lazy and disappointed with myself that I had let the summer go by without upping my fitness game into gear.  I decided it was time to do something about it.  Being a sucker for GPS tracking and fitness statistics, I decided to give Runkeeper (www.runkeeper.com) a try.  I have an old smartphone, an HTC Eris, which can really slow down trying to run a lot of newer apps.  The Runkeeper app works great on the Eris.  Very simple to use, didn't slow down my phone, and it's helped keep me active, the most important thing!

In August, I jogged/walked/cycled a total of 22.4 miles.  Since I only began on August 13, that's really more for half a month.  Most of my runs were for little more than a mile, but I was happy with my results.  I just tell myself that it's going to be slow going, and not to lose motivation!  If you're interested in following my Runkeeper, just go to this link --> http://runkeeper.com/user/jedirand

I picked up a bottle of New Holland Brewing's Oak Aged Hatter at Little Brothers Beverage Outlet in Flemington, NJ after a trip to the local library.  This is my first beer from New Holland, a brewery I've been meaning to try for awhile now.  This is a pretty smooth IPA, with enough malt to stand up to the hops.  Very drinkable, easy just to sit back and relax with.  I've never tried the original Mad Hatter, so I can't compare the two, but I am only getting the tiniest bit of oak in the flavor of this beer.  Kerry tried this one, and she tasted the oak right away, so maybe it's just me!  Overall, a tasty brew, and well worth the $4.99 price tag.

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