Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Wednesday Blogshare

I don't have a review lined up for today, so I think I'm going to start a Wednesday Blogshare, where I'll be posting links to articles from some of the blogs/review sites I follow.  Enjoy!

BrewChief:  These guys are great at writing up reviews of beers.  They know how to describe a beer in such a way that you can almost see it, smell it, and taste it.  Click here for their review of Harpoon Brewery's 100 Barrel Series #42 Ginger Wheat!

Beer-Stained Letter:  A website and blog devoted to New Jersey's beer industry.  The link leads you to Beer-Stained Letter's article about the new brewery and brewpub laws the NJ governor recently signed into law.  Click here for the article!

Ghost Drinker:  I have only recently been following Ghost Drinker's blog, but I like what I've been reading so far.  Here's an article Ghost Drinker wrote about the different styles of IPAs as seen through his eyes.  Just follow this link to Ghost Drinker's article!

In Search of Beer:  A beer blog centered in the Philadelphia area, In Search of Beer recently attended Yards Brewing Company's "Smoke Em If Yous Got Em" event, which showcases smoked food and beers.  You can find his article here!

Kaedrin Beer Blog:  The Kaedrin Beer Blog is another blog that is new to me.  His reviews are enjoyable to read and thorough.  Here's a review he wrote on St. Bernardus's limited release beer Tokyo. 

Enjoy and follow these other blogs, they are full of good stuff!   

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