Wednesday, October 3, 2012

10/3/12 Blogshare

I'm in Bar Harbor, Maine this week, which is why there hasn't been many posts recently.  For this weeks Blogshare, you can read a few beer reviews, a write-up of an eastern PA brewpub, and a list of GABF breweries!  Click on the blog names for the link to the blog!

Rich on Beer:  Rich on Beer paid a visit to Tired Hands Brewing Company in Ardmore, PA

BeerFM:  BeerFM reviews Sierra Nevada Ovila Barrel-Aged Dubbel

This Is Why I'm DrunkThis is Why I'm Drunk gives a review of Sam Adams Fat Jack, Sam Adams' take on the Imperial Pumpkin style

Tilting Suds: Tilting Suds give an opposing review for Sam Adams Fat Jack

BrewDadBrewDad gives a list of breweries that he must attend at GABF, the Great American Beer Festival.  Good luck BrewDad!

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