Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Walk Around Atlantic Brewing Company

Visiting Atlantic Brewing Company during our visit to Bar Harbor, Maine was a must-do.  We chose a day that was supposed to have a higher chance of rain, just because there is so many outdoor things to do in the Bar Harbor area.  A few miles driving down Rte 3 from our hotel and we were there...

We parked in the gravel lot behind the small building that holds the brewery.  The grounds of Atlantic Brewing Company are pretty awesome.  In the picture to the left, you can see the gift shop, which is actually where they hold the beer tastings after the brewery tour.  They also sell all of their bottled beers there, and other swag like pint glasses, shirts, stickers, and mustard made with their beer.

We met our tour guide in the gift shop, and walked outside to the second building, which housed the brewery.  Check out the pictures we took below!

Atlantic Brewing Company makes several year-round brews, as well as seasonal and specialties.  Their year-round brews are:
  • Bar Harbor Real Ale - a nut brown ale
  • Coal Porter - cellared for six months before release
  • Blueberry Ale - check out my review here
  • Island Ginger - A wheat beer infused with ginger
Several years ago, Atlantic Brewing Company purchased one of the other local breweries, Bar Harbor Brewing Company.  They now make all of the Bar Harbor Brewing Company beers at the Atlantic Brewing Company brewhouse.  Those beers are:
  • Thunder Hole Ale
  • Cadillac Mountain Stout
  • Harbor Lighthouse Ale
  • True Blue Blueberry Wheat Ale
Stay tuned until next time for my post on Mainely Meat BBQ, located on the same property as Atlantic Brewing Company!

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