Monday, October 8, 2012

Back from Maine!

For the last week, my wife and I have been vacationing in Maine.  I've been going to Maine regularly for the past 15 years or so, and the time in Maine has greatly contributed to my love of good beer.  In Bar Harbor, which must receive millions of tourists every summer, almost every bar serves beer from Atlantic and Bar Harbor Brewing Companies, which are locally brewed right on the island.  Most also have Shipyard Brewing on draft. 

Where my wife and I are in NJ, you just don't see that kind of loyalty.  Sure, there's a bar here and a bar there that have great stuff, but for the most part, there really isn't much choice on the draft lines.  There is some good news coming from the shore towns in NJ though.  Both only a little more than a year old now, Kane Brewing and Carton Brewing are getting their beers on tap in restaurants where previously you only would have seen Bud/Miller/Coors.  It's great things to look forward to in NJ!

I took advantage of the Maine trip to pick up some beer that I can't get here in NJ!  You can get some of Atlantic Brewing Company's lineup here, but I haven't seen any of their bombers.  I also picked up their variety pack.  Here's my haul...

From left to right:  Atlantic Brewing Company Scottish Ale and Brother Adam's Bragget Ale, Maine Brewing Company Mean Old Tom, Rising Tide Brewing Company Ishmael, Penobscot Bay Brewery Red Flannel Ale, and Atlantic Brewing Company Special Old Bitter
From left to right:  Atlantic Brewing Company New Guy IPA, Real Ale, Blueberry Ale, Coal Porter
In the coming weeks, I'll post about our visit to Atlantic Brewing Company, and have reviews for some of these beers! 

Have any of you ever visited any breweries in Maine?  What are your favorite Maine beers?

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