Thursday, November 8, 2012

Maine Beer Company Zoe

Around a month ago, Maine Beer Company expanded their distribution into NJ.  Beer fans were excited over this, since besides being known for their simple, to the point labels, they are known for making some great beer.  I came across their beer Zoe in my local Wegmans.  I think it was maybe $7 for a 1 pint .9 fl oz bottle.

Another great thing about Maine Beer Co., 1% of their sales is donated to environmental non-profits.  Specifically for sales from Zoe, they donate to Allied Whale, a non-profit who uses their funds to study marine mammals.
Bottled on:  09-30-12
Drink by:  12-30-12
Style:  According to Maine Beer Co., a happy, hoppy, amber ale

Zoe poured a dark amber color, almost brown, with a huge head.  As the head lessened, it left some great lacing on the glass.  Zoe has a nice aroma of a mixture of pine resin and citrus fruits, especially grapefruit.  The taste was full of sticky, piney hops, but balanced by a toffee flavor from the malt.  As the beer warms up, the malts really shine through.  The mouthfeel is average, not too heavy, not too light.  Carbonation is also average.

Overall:  Maine Beer Co.'s Zoe is a great tasting, hoppy, amber ale.  I don't think there's much to make it completely stand out from other hoppy ambers, but you'll definitely enjoy it if you like the style!  7/10 

Have you had this beer?  What did you think?  What are your favorite beers of this style?  Feel free to use the comments!

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