Sunday, February 10, 2013

Blue Moon Brewing Impulse

Hey everyone, I hope a great weekend was had by all!  Kerry and I spent most of the weekend just relaxing.  To be honest, with my new smartphone, I discovered the game Temple Run 2, and I get incredibly addicted to these types of games.  So yea, I had planned on getting a lot of reading and cleaning done, but I ended up spending a lot of time unlocking achievements in Temple Run!  I did end up finishing Joshua Bernstein's Brewed AwakeningBrewed Awakening is a unique beer book that takes a look at the current state of beer in America and beyond.  

Blue Moon Impulse, Vintage Ale Collection
Blue Moon Impulse, Vintage Ale Collection
 This past Christmas, my brother-in-law David got Kerry and me a bottle of Impulse from Blue Moon Brewing (who I believe is an arm of Tenth and Blake Beer Company, who is in turn an arm of MillerCoors).  I have never had one of Blue Moon's large bottle series beers, so I'm excited to try this one.  The bottle describes Impulse as "a wheat ale brewed with the juice of cabarnet sauvignon grapes."  

Blue Moon Impulse, Vintage Ale Collection
Blue Moon Impulse, Vintage Ale Collection

Blue Moon Brewing Company (Tenth and Blake, MillerCoors)
Witbier / Fruit Beer
8.5% ABV
750 mL bottle poured into a Dogfish Head signature glass and a wine glass

Impulse poured a deep purple with a bit of pink.  There was a finger width head with a light purple/pink color.  The aroma is mainly of grapes, and smells very much like a red wine.  Taking a drink, there is the flavor of a fizzy red wine, and also a subtle wheat backbone.  It leaves a bit of a tingly, spicy aftertaste in my mouth.  Impulse does not have a heavy body at all, I would say it is more of a medium body.  There is a light alcohol kick in the aftertaste also.

Overall:  I admit, I was going into this beer fully expecting to not like it.  I was wrong.  Impulse is a tasty, refreshing drink.  It definitely blurs the lines between beer and wine.  I know it's a beer, but it tastes so much like a fizzy wine.  I was worried at first it would be too sweet, but it wasn't.  I feel the juice and the beer were blended very well.  Now, it's not something I would want all the time, but it would be especially good around Valentine's Day!

Have you had Blue Moon's Impulse?  What did you think of it?  Let me know in the comments!

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