Monday, March 25, 2013

Arrowine and Cheese of Arlington, VA

Last week, Kerry and I visited the picturesque town of Occoquan, Virginia for the wedding of Kerry's cousin.  Ahead of time, I sent out a query on Twitter to find a good place to pick up some beer that I can't pick up back home in NJ.  I got a great tip from +Jacob Berg (@JacobSBerg) to hit up Arrowine in Arlington, VA.  I was originally tempted to just go to the local Wegmans or Whole Foods, but in retrospect I'm glad I decided not to.  Arrowine was a great little store with tons to offer.  

First and foremost, I was there for the beer.  Even though they didn't have aisles and aisles of beer, what they did have was exactly what I was looking for.  I was trying to keep myself to some sort of budget, so I couldn't bring it all home, but they were selling beers from New Belgium, Devil's Backbone, Port City, Lost Rhino, Evil Twin, Stillwater, Maui Brewing (!!!), DC Brau and lots of imports I've never seen before!  I was tempted by the 120 Minute IPA and World Wide Stout from Dogfish Head, but I resisted, and only went for beers that weren't in NJ!  They had an area for 6-packs and cases, bomber bottles and a refrigerated section for more 6-packs and bombers.  

Beer fridge at Arrowine.  I couldn't resist this Evil Twin brew.
Beer fridge at Arrowine.  I couldn't resist this Evil Twin brew.

Great beers from Maui Brewing, DC Brau, Evil Twin, Flying Dog and a New Belgium / Dieu du Ciel collaboration!
Great beers from Maui Brewing, DC Brau, Evil Twin, Flying Dog and a New Belgium / Dieu du Ciel collaboration!

Arrowine also offers, obviously, wine.  And they have lots of it.  Now, I don't know much about wine, but I'm sure Arrowine's wine selection is great quality.  

What really sets Arrowine apart though, is their selection of cheese, chocolates, olives, salami and other delicious items.  Trust me, the house cured olives (pictured below) were fantastic!  They also receive deliveries of fresh, locally baked bread from LeoNora bakery.  Kerry and I got a French baguette that was out of this world!

House Cured Olives from Arrowine
House Cured Olives from Arrowine

According to Arrowine's website, they are opening a 2nd location in Washington, D.C. this month.  Expansion in this economy is a great thing to see!  Congratulations Arrowine!

Overall:  If you're in the area of Arlington, check out Arrowine!  Here are the store details:

4508 Lee Highway (Lee Heights Shopping Center)
Arlington, VA

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