Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Neshaminy Creek Brewing County Line IPA

A few weeks ago, Kerry and I finally made the trip down Rte 95 to Croydon, PA and paid a visit to Neshaminy Creek Brewing.  Neshaminy Creek opened around 1 year ago, and is actually having a 1st anniversary bash on June 9th.  We arrived too late to take tours of the brewery, but they had 6 beers on tap in their awesome taproom to try.  On tap was:

Trauger Pilsner
County Line IPA  
Tribute Tripel
Croydon Cream Ale
Mudbank Milk Stout
Dunks Ferry Dunkelweizen

They were all very solid beers, at least from the taster cups we sampled from.  They were selling 2 of their beers, County Line IPA and Tribute Tripel, in 22 oz. bottles, so Kerry and I picked up 1 of each.  Here are my tasting notes on the IPA!  

American IPA
6.6% ABV

Neshaminy Creek Brewing County Line IPA
Neshaminy Creek Brewing County Line IPA
County Line IPA poured a vivid orange-amber color with a finger width white head.  The aroma and flavor were very hop forward, full of onion, pine and citrus.  The malt backbone seemed a bit overpowered by the hops, so if you are into lots of hops, this IPA is for you.  The hop bitterness in the finish was quite dry, and lasted a long time after each swig.  County Line IPA is a medium bodied beer, but the 22 oz. is definitely enough for 1 session for me.

Overall:  Pretty good IPA.  Leans toward the "West-Coast" style, if that distinction really still exists.  If you like lots of hops, go and get this one!

Have you had County Line IPA, or any of Neshaminy Creek Brewing's other beers?  Tell me about your experience with them in the comments!

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