Sunday, October 6, 2013

Flounder Brewing Inaugural Keg Tapping

 The team at Flounder Brewing couldn't have asked for a nicer day to debut their beers to the thirsty public.  Sunshine, a high temperature in the low 80s and fall foliage starting to really kick in made for an awesome event on the patio of the Fox and Hound Tavern in Lebanon, NJ. 
Flounder Brewing Company
Flounder Brewing has been a long time coming.  After many years of homebrewing and deciding to make the jump to open their own brewery, they announced on May 17, 2010 that they signed a lease in Hillsborough, NJ, and that they would start construction soon!
For the next few years, the Flounder team fitted out their warehouse space with everything they needed for the brewery.  There were several speedbumps and hiccups, but they were finally able to become an officially licensed NJ brewery in April of 2012.
A little less than a year after receiving their NJ license, they were ready to start brewing "official" batches of beer!  They brewed up a few batches of Hill Street Honey Ale, their flagship, to really get their brewhouse dialed in.  The Flounder team wanted to wait until the beer was just the way they wanted it before selling it to the public.      
So today, October 5, 2013, Flounder's beer is offically released to the public!    
Hill Street Honey Ale, Flounder Brewing, New Jersey Craft Beer
Kicked Keg of Hill Street Honey Ale
When Kerry and I arrived at Fox and Hound's patio, we were greeted by Flounder himself (Jeremy Lees), and his wife Melissa.  They thanked us for coming, and let us know that they had two of Flounder Brewing's beers on tap behind the bar.  For $3 a glass you could have their flagship Hill Street Honey Ale and aptly named Saison du Flounder, a saison brewed to "showcase the delicious East Coast Yeast saison strain." 
Their beers were superb.  My favorite was the Hill Street Honey Ale, which was a refreshing pale ale that went great with the jerk chicken, crispy calamari and baby greens salad.  Kerry enjoyed their Saison du Flounder, a beer that had excellent floral flavors and hints of coriander. 
Here are some more pics I took of the afternoon.  Enjoy!
Saison du Flounder
What was left of my Hill St. Honey
Flounder Cake
Flounder Brewing swag!

Be sure to check out Flounder Brewing's website, their Facebook page, and the Fox and Hound Tavern.  Also, New Jersey Craft Beer cardholders receive 10% off your entire bill at the bar area!

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