Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Mid-December Blogshare

Hey everyone, back at it this week with another beer blogshare.  Some interesting material came through my Feedly, that's for sure.

Mitch Steele, brewmaster at Stone Brewing, gives us a bit of insight into the daily routine of a brewmaster at a fairly large brewery.  You can find the post at his new blog, The Hop Tripper.
                    - I love this inside look at one of the most prominent roles, in one of this countries largest breweries (Stone came in #17 in this list published by the Brewer's Association for 2012).  It should be interesting to see what else he has to say about the role of a brewmaster in his next post.

The guys over at Guys Drinking Beer break a lot of rules in this post, where they cellar Founders Brewing Devil Dancer, an Imperial IPA, for 4 years.  Normally, people want to drink IPAs and double IPAs as fresh as possible.  How do you think it held up?
                    - This post has me rethinking those IPAs with high alcohol and tons of hops.  I may have to try this experiment myself.  Probably with an IPA of at least 10% ABV.  

David Patterson started his eponymous blog at the beginning of this year, and his writing is terrific.  Check out this post he published on Rising Tide Brewing Company and health insurance.
                    - I, for one, would love to live in a world where all employers truly cared about their employees well-being.  Even if the plan is not the best (I have no idea what kind of plan they offer their employees), it must be cheaper for the employees than going out and getting insurance themselves.  Do you know of any small companies that offer their employees health insurance?

In Jeff Alworth's blog, Beervana, he touches on the recent trend of breweries that are moving away from having flagship beers, and are relying on making as many different beers as they can.
                    - There aren't too many breweries by me that are moving away from flagships.  Most have their popular flagships and also brew smaller batches of experimental beers to test their popularity.  Personally, I love seeing one-offs, but I also like to know that flagship beers are reliable and will be around and fresh if I need them.  How about you?  Do you tend to buy one-offs or a breweries flagship beers more?

That's all folks!  Give a follow to all these great blogs!

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