Friday, March 7, 2014

March 7th Blogshare!

Here are some great articles to ponder over on this Friday.  Hopefully your weekend is in sight!

1.  The team who run the blog I Drink Good Beer put out some great content.  A few days ago they posted this article where they visit Angry Erik Brewing, one of NJ's newest breweries.  Those pictures are making me thirsty!  Can't wait to visit Angry Erik myself!

2.  Chicago based blog Guys Drinking Beer love doing verticals.  They recently posted their notes on a 5-year vertical they did with Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout ('09-'13).  You should check out their other verticals while you're over on their page!

3.  When I first saw the press release for Stone Brewing's Go To IPA, I had to check my calender to make sure it wasn't April Fool's Day.  They already had their fairly low alcohol Levitation Ale.  Also, I figured if they brewed another low alcohol beer, it would have an edgier name than Go To IPA.  Either way, here is a blog post Stone published about the creation of Go To IPA.  From what I've heard from people who've tried it, it's a pretty tasty brew.

4.  I recently came across the Hey Beer Dan blog.  It's a very unique blog in that the man behind it, Dan Fox, has a 30 year career at an ad agency where he ran the Coors Brewing account.  His thoughts on craft beer are a little different than I am used to reading, but I think it's a great, thought provoking read either way. In this post, Dan talks about how he thinks craft beer is getting away with irresponsible marketing.  The kind of marketing Big Beer could never get away with.  Check it out and let me know what you think.

I would love to hear any opinions you have on these articles.  Feel free to hit up the comments below!


  1. Ryan: Thanks very much for linking to my blog article on craft beer labels. And just so it's clear to all: I'm an equal-opportunity basher. It makes no difference to me whether it's a Big Beer goof, or a craft beer one, I'll deal the cards face-up.

    1. No problem. Once I read your article, I knew I had to share it. Like I said before, I look forward to digging into your blog's archive. Cheers!!