Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Upcoming NJ Beers (and Meads!) - as of 10/22/14

Howdy all!  It's been a few weeks since I've sent out an update on new NJ beers coming to the market.  This week, we also have meads!  Check em all out, and enjoy!

First, we have two meads from newly opened Melovino Meadery in Vauxhall, NJ.  Melo Evil is a sweet honey wine with ghost peppers added, and it comes in at 12% ABV.  Pirum Lust is a 13% ABV honey wine that is made with spiced pear juice, and is meant to be consumed during the cooler months.

From Cherry Hill, we see the label for Forgotten Boardwalk Brewing's Funnel Cake Boardwalk Ale.

Cape May Brewing Company had a ton of keg labels approved.  Here we see the keg label for Geek Out Ale.  Other kegs approved were Ashley's Ale, Andrew's Ale, Justin's Ale, Steve's Ale, Richie's Ale, Hi-Flyer Ale, Double Marker Ale, Crows Nest Ale, Cornelius Mey Ale, Crusty Barnacle Ale, Queen Street Ale, and Concrete Ship Ale.

Belford Brewing from Middletown, NJ has a new label for an Altbier named Hund.

Angry Erik Brewing from Lafayette, NJ now makes an Angry Mohawk Pale Ale, as well as H2Ale, an ale brewed with natural flavors.

Ocean, NJ's Kane Brewing looks like they plan on having some Hop Lab experiments.

Here is the neck label for River Horse Brewing's (Ewing, NJ) newest Brewer's Reserve, a baltic porter.

Last, but not least, New Jersey Beer Co. had a label approved for Little Town New Jersey Ale.  I wasn't able to get an image, but it's a typical keg label.  Looks like they will be making a house beer for Little Town, a restaurant in Hoboken.


  1. You had me at mead....

    1. Not sure if the ghost pepper one will be anything more than a novelty, but it is definitely exciting to have mead being locally made here in NJ.