Friday, July 6, 2012

Trip to Weyerbacher and Pearly Baker's Alehouse

My wife and I decided to take a trip into Easton, PA after reading on Weyerbacher's website what their awesome tap selections would be that weekend.  Weyerbacher is one of my favorite breweries to visit.  They always have a good selection of their beers on tap for samples, and they even open up some of their special series bottles to give samples of too.  You can buy growlers, kegs, and bottles of whichever beers they have available.  They also sell lots of swag like t-shirts, hats, and beer glasses.  I hear they are working on getting the approval from the PLCB to sell pints in their Visitor's Center.  Can't wait for that!

I love the new logo and artwork going on Weyerbacher's beers recently.  While taking the brewery tour, I took this picture of the new Merry Monks:

Check out my beer haul from their Visitor's Center!

After Weyerbacher, we went with some friends to Pearly Baker's Alehouse in downtown Easton, a place where they always have a great tap selection and mouth-watering burgers.  I enjoyed a Cricket Hill Summer Breakfast Ale, a decent Belgian style pale ale, while my wife's thirst was quenched by a Festina Peche from Dogfish Head.  When the manager came around to see how our service and food were, we told him we had just come from Weyerbacher, but missed out on the Whiskey Barrel Aged Brown Ale because it had just been kicked at the brewery.  The manager happened to have it on tap at the bar, and was nice enough to give us a few tasters of it!  Man, this was a great beer.  A very, very dark brown in the glass, with vanilla in the aroma and taste, with a hint of an alcohol burn, I loved this.  Here's a sample of what Pearly's had on tap:

Overall, it was a great time, and if you're in the area, I highly recommend going to both the Weyerbacher brewery and Pearly Baker's Alehouse!


  1. Love the blog....Weyerbacher is terrific, especially the Last Chance IPA!
    And of course, no trip to Weyerbacher is complete w/o a trip to Pearly's!

  2. Diggin' the blog! Amy and I just got back from Maine. We hit up the Bar Harbor Brewery near Acadia NP while we were there. Brought back a sixer of Cadillac Mountain Stout. I think you would approve...

  3. Thanks guys!
    @Ben: The Last Chance IPA was indeed great. I had a bottle a few nights ago, almost as good as on tap.

    @Jeff: Mmm, Cadillac Mt Stout....good stuff! Atlantic Brewing Company on the outskirts of Bar Harbor was the very first microbrewery I can remember visiting!