Thursday, October 11, 2012

Atlantic Brewing Company Bar Harbor Blueberry Ale

Tonight I decided to review Atlantic Brewing Company's Bar Harbor Blueberry Ale.

According to Atlantic Brewing Company's website, their addition of blueberries to this ale only adds a "subtle blueberry aroma without the sweet aftertaste."  I am hoping this rings true, because if there's one thing that turns me off of a beer, is if that beer is a fruit-bomb.  Going into this beer with an open mind....

Bar Harbor Blueberry Ale poured into my Ithaca Beer Co. pub glass a light amber, copper color with a finger width head.  Smells primarily of blueberry, with a little bit of caramel and bread, but not much.  Tastes a mix of blueberry and light malts.  Very little sweetness!  Quite a bit of carbonation on the tongue, but a very light mouthfeel.  Bar Harbor Blueberry Ale is an easy drinking, refreshing beer.  I am pleasantly surprised with this beer.  Going into it, I tried to keep an open mind, but I really didn't think I would like it.  The guys at Atlantic Brewing proved me wrong.  This beer is worth a shot!

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