Friday, October 26, 2012

Atlantic Brewing Company MacFoochie's Scottish Ale

I've been reviewing quite a bit of beers recently from Atlantic Brewing Company.  A very solid brewery, you can find links to my reviews of their blueberry ale, S.O.B., and Coal Porter at the end of this write up.  Tonight I'm sipping on their MacFoochie's Scottish Ale and watching Urban Legend on TV.  Gotta love cheesy '90s thrillers!

MacFoochie's Scottish Ale poured black into my wine glass.  Very little head to speak of, and as I drink, there is no lacing left on the glass.  It has a very smooth, silky appearance.  In the aroma, I smell roasted malt, caramel and smoke.  The smoke might be a figment of my imagination though.  I know it's supposed to be in there, because it's a scottish ale, but I'm definitely not getting a lot of the smoke in this one.  The mouthfeel on the MacFoochie's is very smooth and a bit thin.  Lots of roasted malts and more smoke comes through in the flavor.    

Overall:  A good beer to sip on a fall night.  I would like it a bit thicker and smokier, but it's still a worthy beer.  If you see it, get it and try it to see what you think!  7/10

If you've had this beer before, what did you think?  Have a favorite Scottish ale?  Feel free to use the comments below!

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