Thursday, November 8, 2012

Maine Beer Company Mean Old Tom

Today is International Stout Day.  It is one of the new beer "holidays", each celebrating a style of beer.  The most popular of these "holidays" is IPA Day, which passed not long ago (August 2).  There is also Session Beer Day (April 7) and the less well known Sour Beer Day (September 8).  To celebrate International Stout Day, many bars will be tapping some special stout offerings.  Also, everyone's favorite beer check-in service, Untappd, offers a badge for checking in a stout on International Stout Day (if you're into that sort of thing).

Before I knew that Maine Beer Company was beginning to distribute their beer to NJ, I picked up their Mean Old Tom at a liquor store in Bar Harbor, ME.  Yesterday, I had a post on Maine Beer Co.'s Zoe.  Zoe was a great hoppy, amber ale that left me wanting to try more from Maine Beer Co.!  Without further ado, here is my take on Mean Old Tom!  Enjoy International Stout Day everyone!

Bottling Date:  08-10-12
Maine Beer Company says to either drink Mean Old Tom fresh, or lay it down to enjoy it down the road.
 Mean Old Tom pours a jet black color with a finger width light brown head, which quickly dissipates to only a slight covering over the beer.  The aroma is full of vanilla, cocoa and roasted malts.  The taste is mainly more of those roasted malts, cocoa, and a little bit of vanilla.  Mean Old Tom drinks incredibly smooth, and is slightly sweet, and a little smoky.

Overall:  A great drinking stout I think anyone would enjoy.  7/10

Have you tried Mean Old Tom?  What did you think?  Did you celebrate Stout Day?  Lemme know in the comments! 

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