Monday, November 24, 2014

Weyerbacher Brewers' Select: Cassiopeia

Cassiopeia is the latest Brewers' Select beer from Easton, PA's Weyerbacher Brewing.

Brewed to the style of an American Barleywine (think bitter hops, over the top malts and an alcohol by volume over 10%), Cassiopeia can be found in 12 oz. bottles at the Weyerbacher Visitor's Center (while supplies last) and has limited availability in kegs at bars where Weyerbacher is served.

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Weyerbacher Brewers' Select Cassiopeia, an American Barleywine
If you haven't read the rest of my series on Weyerbacher's Brewers' Select beers, then this is where I take a quick look at the constellation that Weyerbacher has chosen for their latest Brewers' Select. Here's some info on the Northern Hemisphere constellation Cassiopeia.

Cassiopeia, the Constellation (from Constellation Guide)

  • named after a vain and boastful queen in Greek mythology
  • Ptolemy wrote about the constellation in the 2nd century
  • 3 of the stars located in Cassiopeia have known planets
  • You can find the births and deaths of stars in Cassiopeia:  it contains the aftermath of a supernova, but also homes a star forming cloud known as the Pacman nebula
Cassiopeia, the Beer (from Weyerbacher)

  • American Barleywine
  • 10.9% ABV
  • Chocolate and orange notes
  • Brewed with vanilla beans

Don't miss this one!

Weyerbacher Cassiopeia, an American Barleywine
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